So after looking back – my blog in 2018 and most played games in 2018 – it is time to glance forward. I was inspired to write that article when I started to verify all my pre-orders and Wish List items on boardgamegeek. As I am mostly a wargamer, majority of items on that list were with that theme. Still, among all those titles, there are some I am awaiting with most anticipation and here I would like to share with you my types.

1) Commands & Colors Medieval by GMT

Well, I am a devoted Commands & Colors fan. Most I love Ancients, and when I saw 2,5 years ago that another game in that series is being prepared – and by GMT, who does great job in that area – it was a no-brainer for me.

CCM cover

After long waiting period, we are very close to final resale. And I am very glad that start is with Byzantine and Sassanids – a natural continuation from CCA, rather then jumping into 100-tears War or Crusades. Can’t wait for stickering (good music needed!), playing first scenarios, Vassal tournaments, and all that stuff. With Ancients I was a little late, so I am glad I will be from beginning with Medieval.

Game available via P500

2) Conflict of Heroses – Storms of Steel – Kursk 1943 by Academy Games

Another, long-awaited game – it was like 3 years from Pre-Order. It says 3rd edition, but changes in Storms of Steel are so significant, that it is to large extent completely new game.

Storms of Steel Cover

I actually started my journey with Wargames with chit-based positions. I am still playing a lot of Combat Commander Europe. What attracted me to the game is beautiful graphics, straightforward rules and also the possibility to play some of most interesting panzer battles of Ii World War.

Storms of Steel map

The Firefights will start soon!

3) Versailles 1919 by GMT

The thing with Mark Herman’s games is as with good wine – the more time elapses, the better they are. The people reading my blog knows that I am big fan of Churchill and especially Pericles. The whole Great Statements series is a significant novelty to the boardgames family, with every position bringing new mechanics but having some elements in common.

Game available on P500 from GMT

What makes those games compelling for me – a great fan of history – is how thematic they are. You really should know what the game is about to be able to immerse yourself into the topic and have a lot of fun from the session.


So that is it for today – my three most anticipated wargames of 2019…. well, to be quite honest, it is almost everything… there are two additional items which I would like to mention 🙂

*) Al Nofi Imperium Romanum by Decision Games

Not a new game, but a new edition. Not to be released in 2019 but in last days of 2018. Still, that title draw a lot of my attention.

Imperium Romanum Cover

As I am reading the forums and internet, this new edition is great enhancement to previous versions. Still, there seems to be quite a few things that needs errata so I am waiting for official corrections to problematic topics and hope – maybe already in march for my birthday – to potential get it.

Imperium Romanum Map

What I also like about game, is number of scenarios – some smaller, some larger, form 2 to 5 players and with different level of difficulty. Should be fun for many years to come!

**) Successors from Phalanx 

For me what Phalanx did with Hannibal & Hamilcar was a fantastic work – resurrection / re-editing classic game in superb way and adding new board and scenario – Hamilcar.

Successors – new edition!

Ok, now that is really all. I promise… although you never know and maybe there is some fantastic jewel somewhere about which I do not know.

Can you recommend / tell what new titles are you waiting for in 2019?