A week after our first play we again had a great pleasure to meet and try Sekigahara with Marcin. The idea was not to switch sides but try new strategies / concepts with factions we were somehow familiar with. Below I am presenting stream of pictures which will guide you thorough our developments, moves, battles and tricks to fool the opponent (all pictures are click-able, so you can enlarge them):

So this is how we started (initial set-up)
Marcin get off aggressively, attacking home city of Fukishima clan and winning the battle. Despite my reinforcements, I was forced to fee to Okazaki castle.
On the other hand, I put the Ueda castle in danger by quickly moving 4-block Tokugawa forces
As a follow-up to his initial battle, Marcin attacked and stormed Okazaki castle; fortunately for me, it still held – however, only for a moment…
In the meantime, far away from main action, near Aizu castle, a skirmish ensued which did not finished in a decisive victory for neither of sides – still it was kind of a prelude to what will come.
And above summary of first two turns
As soon as turn 3 started, another of my castles, Anotsu, was besieged and conquered
Still, I had my successes, with Togukawa taking Ueda castle
It was getting interesting after turn 4; we conquered “easy-pickings”, and then started to amass forces…
…in order to try a decisive battle. Above another great engagement near Aizu castle. That was a great engagement, both forces were fully utilized and activated.
However, my combinations were more powerful and despite the losses, Tokugawa managed to achieve a major breakthrough in that area.
After turn six we had board clearly separated with 5 castles in Marcin’s hands and 4 in mine. (Unfortunately, Miyazu also has fallen to Marcin 😦 ). If game finishes like this I will lose, so time to activate that northern clan – Maeda.
But just before this, a look at the losses – this is definitely bloody war…
Ok, so I am doing “all-in” attack on Miyazu.
Again bloody battle, again treachery card being a pivotal play and… Ishida again killed during the battle! What a surprise for both of us!
Last look at the board; very tense and balanced session which – somehow fortunately – finished in my victory. Great game, great experience and new ideas how to play – already in our minds!