That game did a great impression on me – and in multiple dimensions – game-play, rules, components, theme and topic. After my first reports (The Mission – Full Campaign scenario and The Mission – Rise of Jihad scenario) I got a lot of requests to show the actual gameplay. What you will find below are the first three eras covered by that title; in the Part 2 you will get the last three. Enjoy!

The Mission – Full Session Report – Part 1 – The Apostolic Age

It spans Turn 1 & 2. There are no special rules, we just need to be aware of short lifespan of our Apostles.

The Mission Full Session Report – Part 2 – The Pax Romana

The second era – Pax Romana – spans from Turn 3 to Turn 9. The Bishops, Archbishops and Popes take over from Apostles. Christians will be subject to prosecution quite often.

The Mission Full Session Report – Part 3 – The Age of Constantine

On Turn 10, Christian fortunes change as the Roman Emperor Constantine joins the Church. The good times will last till Turn 14 when the Rome will fall.