Just as a year ago, I would like to share with Dear Readers the titles I am waiting for in 2020. After looking back – my blog in 2019 and my most played games in 2019 – it is time analyze what lay in the future as far as my favorite hobby is concerned. As always at the beginning of the year I am looking at my pre-orders and wish-list and check what new, exciting games I can expect that coming year.

Light / entry Wargames – my 3 favorite
Medium complexity wargames – my 3 favorite
Complex / advanced wargames - my 3 favorite
Most anticipated wargames of 2020 - my top 3

Below my strictly subjective list of 3 wargames I am anxiously awaiting. There will be also two positions which have some slim chance to be produced in 2020 but we should rather expect them ion 2021. So, without further ado let us start!

1) Successors from Phalanx 


I am a huge fan of  Hannibal & Hamilcar, (my review here)  – a new version of the classic, published by Phalanx. Thus I have all confidence that another reprint – or rather, a completely new edition – of a long-time best-seller would be a success. I backed the campaign without hesitation and I am patiently awaiting the notification about the game being dispatched to me. You can find more about that title and changes to the previous version on the Kickstarter Page.

2) From Salerno to Rome by Sergio Schiavi


My first wargame game created by Sergio Schiavi was Radetzky’s March – a very successful position describing the last campaign of Radetzky, fought in 1849. Now the author works on a interesting project, which will focus on Italian Campaign in WW2.

The Kickstarter Campaign was successful and already around September the game should arrive. I am really excited about it as that front includes many Polish divisions, among them elite Mountain troops who take the Monte Cassino.  Also, the mechanics are straightforward and the game quick, basing on already verified approach from Radetzky’s March.

3) Versailles 1919 from  GMT

I am big fab of Mark Herman games. All of them. But I think that the latest series – The Great Statements – is one of his key achievements. Both Churchill and Pericles gave me tens of hours of great game-play and joy and I am anxiously awaiting the third installment.

What makes those games compelling for me – a great fan of history – is how thematic they are. You really should know what the game is about to be able to immerse yourself into the topic and have a lot of fun from the session.

Beside above games – which are 99% sure to be ready in 2020 there are two jewels which I still hope will make this year – but I might need to wait for them till 2021 😦 :

*) No Retreat! Battles: 1942 from GMT

I was pretty late to the No Retreat! series, but I wholeheartedly liked the game once I tried it. When Carl Paradis announced that he works on a new project with similar mechanic I was intrigued!


As it happen, the newest installment of the series will have no one theater of operations, but rather the most important battles of particular year – this time it will be 1942 – a pivotal time in WW2.


What we get are 5 encounters:

  • Battle for Velikiye Luki
  • Battle for Stalingrad
  • Battle for Gazala
  • Battle for Guadalcanal
  • Battle for Dieppe (Solitaire)

As always we may expect low-tokens density, cards and top quality components. I urge you guys to look at the GMT page to support the game as  it still needs some additional orders to Made the Cut.

**) Commands & Colors: Samurai Battles from GMT

Is it possible not to have any Commands & Colors games in my most anticipated games? Of course not! And the only thing which can push the position out form my list is if slips and is published in 2021. CC_SamuraiBattles_banner2

This time we have new edition of classic Samurai Battles – one of the most bloodiest and direct games in the system. The previous version was produced by Zvezda and after tragic passing of its founder, discontinued.


Now we will the the blocks, mounted maps and 40 (!) scenarios. It already Made the Cut but I am afraid that as with CC Medieval we might not see it soon.

That is my list. What you Guys are waiting for in 2020?