About game:

Hannibal & Hamilcar is a 20th anniversary edition of the classic game Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage. This is asymmetric, 2 player CDG (card-driven game) which depicts the largest conflicts of the ancient history – Punic Wars.

The new edition comes not only with refreshed graphics, components and minor tweaks to rules but also with completely new game depicting First Punic War – including sea battle system.

As in any CDG game, players use Cards for many purposes: moving armies / generals, levying new troops, reinforcing already existing armies, taking political control of the areas and provinces and executing historical events. The ultimate goal is one – force politically or using warfare the enemy to subjugate to your rule. The latter can be achieved in many ways, which gives the players possibility to pursuit many strategies.

Number of players: 2
Playing time: Well, that depends on a scenario. The Full Second Punic War can take as much as 4-5 hours. However, there are many simpler scenarios which can be played in relatively short time. Plus three introductory campaigns for about half an hour each.
Complication: This is pretty complex game – maybe not in the rules itself but mastering them and remembering some of the nuances.
What I like:
  • Climate – the rules, the elements, the mechanics – all makes you feel like you move din time 2000 years and are immersed in Roman Republic period

  • This is really fine remake of original game – with lots of improvements and visual enhancements
  • Two games – First and Second Punic War – in price of one!
  • Two sets of additional / optional cards for making game more spicy
  • Two expansions, with two new leaders
  • The elements, especially plastics figures, are really well and nicely made
  • The game has tons of scenarios plus three introductory campaigns – that definitely extends the replayability of the position
What I do not like:
  • The battles – and mini-game connected to this – sometimes tends to prolong game significantly; there are times when it spices the game but can be tedious too
  • The dices do not have to be so big – I understand the need to introduce new elements, but smaller components here would be more elegant
  • Not much more – this is reprint of genial original so you cannot many flaws
For whom? This is definitely game for more experienced players – seasoned wargamers, history fascinates and everybody who likes good, decent, thrilling… political games. Because in essence, this is not game about battles but about political control which drives the victory.
More about the game:

And now couple of the pictures – source: my own session reports.

Overview of the Hannibal board:

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Close-up on game elements:

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I must admit, that I was taken by this game – I love history, especially Roman times. A good, decent, two-players games from that time, nicely produced and with great replayability is what I was looking for. Thus I am still playing and cannot get enough – as you can see in my continuous stream of the session report.

See you in another game review!