That is definitely one of my most anticipated war games of 2019 – enhanced, refreshed and upgraded version of Successors! Also, it is definitely one of the best strategy games ever published – previous editions by Avalon Hill in 1997 and GMT Games in 2008. The Kickstarter campaign started only yesterday but the game is already funded!


Phalanx did fantastic job of re-publishing Hannibal some years ago (my review here) and I have every confidence that Successors would be also of such fantastic quality. More details in below promo material:

Publisher promises streamlined gameplay which should be possible to finish in around 2 hours. It is also noticeable that this is very balanced 5 players game, where area control is as much important as legitimacy and prestige.


If you still have any hesitation if I backed the project the answer is simple: of course!


Ps. The campaign offers also upgrades to Hannibal & Hamilcar game as well as small bonuses for early bird pledges.

Link to campaign