I had already opportunity to recommend previous Kickstarter campaign of Sergio Schiavi – New Kickstarter – Radetzky’s March – The Hundred Hours Campaign. It is really nice game – you can read more about it in my session reports here, here and here – so I really did not hesitate a moment when I heard about new production.

This time we move in time to the years of II World War and Italian Campaign:

The Kickstarter webpage provides additional details about the game:



  • Time Scale: 1 turn = 1 month, turns subdivided in impulses.
  •  Unit scale: Brigade, regiments, battalions, groups of 15-30 tank 
  •  Map Scale:  1 hex = 5 Km
  • Number of Players: Two
  • Playing Time: 2 hours for the shortest scenario, Ortona. 6-12 hours for the entire campaign
  •  Complexity: 3 out of 5
  •  Solitaire Suitability: 2,5 out 5


  •  Two 22×34 inch maps (55,8 x 86,5 cm), depicting the Italian peninsula from Salerno to Rome
  •  + 550 counters
  •  Two Command Displays
  •  Various cardboard player aids (TEC, CRT, Fast placement, Operation Cost chart and so on…)
  • Color Rule Booklet (illustrated examples, Game tips, sources, Orders Of Battle, Scenarios)
  •  Two 6-sided dice

We can have a sneak-peak at the maps two maps:


And the counters (Poles are also there!):

Example counters

What we know in addition, that these game would have improved graphics and quality of components. Can’t wait to test them!

I wholeheartedly encourage you to visit the campaign page and support the effort!