Again, as at the beginning of 2019, I would like to look back at my blog and analyze the previous year. How did it go? What trends do I observe? Let us see!


The shows following data – which I will try to interpret below:

  • Views 74,683 (vs 26,744 in 2018)
  • Visitors 41,271 (vs 14,858 in 2018)
  • Likes 362 (vs 104 in 2018)
  • Comments 195 (vs 166 in 2018)

The trend with increase in number of views (~3 times) as well as visitors (also, ~3 times)  continues, although not as spectacularly like between 2017 and 2018. The blog is more and more visible on social media, the Google search mechanism picks it up quite often and in general, move to bi-lingual medium (including both English and Polish) proves to be a good choice. 

My top posts

Now, let us see all the most popular posts which I created in 2019. They are sorted by count of views. You can check each of the posts as I included links to them which open in new tab:

#Post title (click to open in new tab)Views
1[STRATEGIES] Photosynthesis2,880
2[STRATEGIES] Azul1,468
3[ENG] Cataclysm full game online1,178
4[ENG] Paths of Glory – Video session report from full 20-turns game1,147
5[STRATEGIES] Gloomhaven – Brute strategy guide1,137
6[ENG] Commands and Colors: Medieval vs Ancients Comparison – Part 1 – Major Changes1,114
7[UNBOXING] SPQR by GMT Games1,096
8[ENG] 1943 over Pacific – EotS for the second time1,003
9[ENG] Cataclysm – Pacific War!852
10[ENG] CCA – playing EPIC Cannae and Raphia 

I am really glad from what I see. The table represents my favorite games – usually wargames – older ones, like Paths of Glory, SPQR and Commands Colors Ancients, quite new ones – like latest installment of C&C series – Medieval, but also great grand strategy titles – Cataclysm and Pericles.

Of course, it will not go unnoticed that my top two posts are still strategy analysis for great EUROs (Photosynthesis and Azul). On top of this, we have one post for the Game which took most of my time in 2019 – Gloomhaven.

Traffic Sources:

That is kind of interesting statistic:


Geographical representation of the traffic

The top groups are US-readers and Polish based ones. The first one as most of my favorite wargames are produced by US-based companies, very popular across Americas, second as of course I am pretty active on my home ground.

However, I had also visits from such exotic places like Jamaica (x1), Surinam (x1) and Serra Leone (x1). It is great to see your blog read all around the world!

Summary /  Comments:

In the end, I am deeply satisfied with my blog. And I think this is most important. I have opportunity to express my joy and enthusiasm connected to beloved hobby, share thoughts on game strategies, present session report, create kind of the chronicle of past events.

With that summary I would like to thank all readers, subscribers and boargamers for reading my blog. Without you I would not have energy to devout so much time to writing. Thank you!

PS. Any suggestions or comments what can I do differently / additionally are welcome!