Ok, so after writing the summary of my blog in 2018, I am looking now at what my boardgamers group played mostly in past year. You would probably not be very surprised, seeing mix of Wargames – many time two-player games – as well as some very good and challenging Euros.

For years (wow, its been 10th anniversary recently) I am logging all our session into the best tool /application you can imagine – excel 🙂 That advanced analytical utility shows, that:


In 2018 my top 10 games were:

Top games in 2018
My Top 3 in 2018


Ok, this is not surprising that Commands Colors themed games are in TOP 3 – I love CCA and find it the best simple Wargame of all time. The Great War had it French expansion publicized this year and this is tremendous positive change for that game which reflects number of scenarios played. Pericles is always close to my heart, as I find it as a superb simulation of Athens vs Sparta struggle. Similarly, for WWII conflict Cataclysm is great game which you can see high in my list.


Of course, we play with our buddies but also our wives! That said, you can see Azul on second position – great filler, but also fantastic introduction to game hobby – btw, present for my wife for last Christmas. Similarly Altiplano – innovative, bag-building game, with great components and very eye-catching graphics.

Isn’t that cute? (citing my wife 🙂 ) Alpaca rules!

Fort Sumter is kind of puzzle for me, as Wargame thematic, from mechanics perspective it is more logical game. Still, I really like it!

Of course, one needs to remember that Azul will take much less time then full game of Cataclysm so all such comparisons are superficial to some extent. However, it is good to have a look and perspective of past year.

There were more games played last year – I counted 69 positions in total, but due to variety of positions and scarcity of time you cannot play them all as much as you would like to… 😦


As every year, I have a lot of plans for 2019. To play more Ariovistus (Falling Sky Expansion), to finally get 3rd edition of Storm of Steel, to start with Sekigahara and accompany my fellow colleague who is fan of cosmic-themed games in his epic struggle in Twilight Imperium. Also, I am waiting for update kit to Illusion of Glory to give that game another chance.

Some of the plans for 2019

And what are your plans for coming year?