As 2019 just started, I would like to look back at my blog and analyze the year 2018. 


The shows following data – which I try to interpret below:

  • Views 26,744 (vs 3,738 in 2017)
  • Visitors 14,858 (vs 1,005 in 2017)
  • Likes 104 (vs 43 in 2017)
  • Comments 166 (vs 221 2017)

What is obvious is significant increase in number of views (7 times) as well as visitors (15 times) in comparison to 2017. That is mainly connected in me making the blog bi-lingual – still, a lot of content arrives in Polish, but main threads / categories are now done in English. That allows to broadcast my content to much bigger audience – but also have possibility for broader base of feedback.

My top posts

In below table I put all the most popular posts which I created in 2018 – sorted by count of views. I excluded the main page (it has more views then #1 below) as this will be unnecessary disturbance to the results.

# Post title (click to open in new tab) Views
1 [STRATEGIES] Photosynthesis 1,574
2 [REVIEW] Falling Sky 2nd Edition + Ariovistus 889
3 [ENG] Teaching Pericles 635
4 [STRATEGIES] Azul 505
5 [REVIEW] Pericles 471
6 [REVIEW] Churchill 421
7 [UNBOXING] The Great War French Army Expansion 390
8 [ENG] New adepts of Paths of Glory 354
9 [REVIEW] Hannibal & Hamilcar 350
10 [ENG] Pericles – playing over Vassal 319

As you can see, majority of articles which are popular focus on wargames. This is not surprising, as this is my top boardgame category. However, the EURO games STRATEGY articles are also very high, with Photosynthesis taking firmly the first place. 

Traffic Sources:

That is kind of interesting statistic:

Geographical representation of the traffic

The traffic sources is significant in Poland – not surprising, as many of my posts are in Polish. However, in 2018 US-based gamers (mainly wargamers) created the biggest amount of traffic. In first 10, there is also Canada an Australia from outside the Europe.

On the other end, I had also visits from Malawi (x1), Antigua & Barbuda (x1) and Mauritius (x1). Good to know that there are fellow board-gamers there too!

Summary /  Comments:

All in all, I am deeply satisfied with my blog. It gives me possibility to channel my hobby into articles, describe games and meetings with colleagues, act as real Social Chronicle and from time to time – also as platform to Review the game or suggest some Strategies how to play.

The decision to go bi-lingual was a key thing in 2018 and I am glad to see such positive results. With that, I would like to sincerely thank all of you how read, subscribe, comment and enjoy my blog. Thank you!

PS. Any suggestions or comments what can I do differently / additionally are welcome!