Scenario: C.4 The Eagel and The Sun

The time has come – after playing introductory scenarios C.2 Introductory: Days of Decision and C.3 Theater: The Great Patriotic War, plus attempting one time full game on European map – so C.1 Cataclysm, the time has come to move to Pacific Map. Of course, first we wanted to try something smaller then full game so the 3-turns struggle between US and Japan was perfect for this.

So, we rolled for sides and I took Japan while Kuba USA:

Initial set-up (click to enlarge)

The Pacific Map is huge, a lot of spaces and not so many units. The corrected victory conditions for this scenario says Japan needs 10 points (or more) to win. I think this is reasonable, as getting 14 (initial requirement) would be definitely too much.

Turn 1

Out initial moves concentrated on production, fighting in China (me), upgrades ad then – Barbarossa started so there was possibility to upgrade to total War. Once this dine, Kuba as USA started to play aggressively – he deployed Carrier, Strategic Bomber and Infantry to Philippines. Issue was, he did not have yet logistic unit… so I decided to take a chance and attacked!

Gotcha! Successfully start of US-Japan War!

I was lucky, as I had two offensives in a row and managed to destroy – without my losses – both carrier and strategic bomber. That paused Kuba for a moment and I was able to move further into China and mount two unsuccessful attacks against Java:

Turn 1 (click to enlarge)

Turn 2

During second turn Kuba was replenishing his forces, and also took central pacific as I managed to conquer finally Java:

Turn 2 (click to enlarge)

Turn 3

And now the interesting things started to happen. First, Kuba successfully dropped A-Bomb on Japan…

That was ugly, the stability tests almost killed us (dropped 2 levels…)

Then, unsuccessfully tried to take back Java:

But imperial forces hold Java!

I was lucky, as my stability was close to collapse but then, finally, the game ended. I had just 10 points, enough for victory but if the play lasted longer, I would definitely lose.

Turn 3 (click to enlarge)

Great come back by Kuba with his troops so thoroughly mauled in first round. And you should never underestimate 3 areas range of Strategic Bombers! That was fun and I am sure we will repeat that scenario in the future.