We have tradition to play Runewars always during our New Years boardgames convent. It was similar this year and with some delay (well, we played like 4 weeks ago) I would like to report how the game went. Should you be interested in our previous engagements, feel free to have a look here or here. Without further delay I invite you to a short session report.

This time we had a 3-players game, with me taking – for the first time – Elves. The benefit of only three races was much quicker pace of play. Which was good! (click image to enlarge)
As mentioned – my Elves. It too me a moment to accept I do not have the most powerful units like other races; but I had a decent mix which I hoped to use to best of it advantage. (click image to enlarge)
YEAR 1 SUMMARY. Of course we have usual expansion and first borders established. I did a bold move of building a fortress in the center. That will be definitely a very contested piece on the map as you may imagine 🙂 (click image to enlarge)
During Year 2 a disaster struck. Twice. First, Orc’s (Jarek’s) Hero critically missed his mission, and was killed instantly. Then, a famine ensued on the lands of Elf, decimating their population (half of my army just disappeared) (click image to enlarge)
YEAR 2 SUMMARY. Further expansion with Humans and Elves taking over two areas and Orcs slowly expanding to one hex – but very well defended. (click image to enlarge)
During the year three the inevitable happened – Humans attacked Elves and managed to overcome their defenses. That was a painful battle for me. (click image to enlarge)
YEAR 3 SUMMARY. In the center visible place of the battle between Elves and Humans; on top of this further slow expansion of Orcs and a new fortress for Elves thanks to event. (click image to enlarge)
What a nasty surprise. Yes, heroes sometimes are able to teleport themselves and the group of troops with them – which exactly happened to me. Of course, I lost the rune. (click image to enlarge)
YEAR 4 SUMMARY. Surprise attack by Humans visible below. Orcs are on fast expansion path, clashing with Humans, while Elves make a foothold near the core lands of Kuba. (click image to enlarge)

Four years played in one evening is quite a decent result.  We really felt the game and had a lot of fun from it. The final results were:

  1. Human (Kuba) – 5
  2. Elves (Michal) – 4
  3. Orcs (Jarek) – 1

We had a great fun and for sure will continue. It seems that a 3 player version is best suited to finish  in one go and at the same time to to have a decent amount of players. We will continue for sure our session with Runewars!