In today’s session report you will see a lot of colorful pictures. So bear with me 🙂

However, the occasion justifies this, as me and Kuba managed to play full 1943 scenario of Empire of the Sun. Our initial attempt is described here, but now we planned in advance enough time to make sure we will see the whole year!

EotS games:
1943 (first attempt) => 1943 (second attempt)


We decided to play in a similar way as in the first game, so I was responsible for USA and Kuba led Japan:

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TURN 1 (Jan-Apr 1943):

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Main developments of the first turn were (also depicted with corresponding numbers on the map):

(1) The beginning was quite classical – concentrated and irresistible US attack in New Guinea. Imperial forces could not withstand it and one full Japan Army was annihilated.

(2) It was tempting to continue with full-blown invasion. But I choose path of small moves (yup, you can call it Leapfrogging or Island-Hopping), engaging limited forces  to prevent Kuba from counter attacks. That way I amassed fleet in Guadalcanal and then seized New Georgia and Bougainville.

(3) Do not ask me how, but I also managed to pull quite successful offensive in Aleuts. Offensive worth 2 VP at the end of the game!

(4) Kuba concentrates in CBI, inflicting heavy loses to me but also having many causalities.

(5) Kuba also focuses on “War in Europe”. He is so successful that I will not have a single reinforcement which would not be delayed…

And now close-up of the situation on both fronts:
New Guinea area (you can see causalities of both sides at the bottom of the picture):

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CBI (you can see causalities of both sides at the top):

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TURN 2 (May-Aug 1943):

Things start to move. Rapidly.

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(6) Turn starts with concentrated, furious and well prepared Japan attacks in CBI. Unfortunately, the result is one total carnage, with equal causalities on both sides which is definitely in favor of Allies, as they are receiving decent reinforcements.

(7) US forces are launching key, or even game-breaking offensive, targeting Rabaul. After some preparation the attack succeeds, allowing Allies to take over control of Australia mandates.

(8) War in Europe progresses even more (I can forget about timely reinforcements). But I pay back, strengthening the China and dissolving Kuba’s dream of taking them over.

(9) The last attack of the turn was huge Japanese offensive, targeting New Guinea. Well, what can I say, I hardly ever inflicted such causalities on Japanese forces as I managed  to here. Some bad luck, also my reaction and the only Japanese forces on the island left is half a squadron of bombers…

And of course close-ups on the board:

– Pacific (just look at this beautiful US Navy):

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– CBI:

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TURN 3 (Sep-Dec 1943):

In that turn we “unleashed” all our ideas and concepts on how to win the game. Especially Kuba, hard pressed with his Japanese forces, having nothing to lose, and convinced by me that his troops will be of no use next turn (well, because there will be no next round!) took the challenge and attacked. Remark here: what Kuba did was to great extent similar to historical outcome – Imperial forces also were attacking will all strength in 1943, inflicting some causalities but taking disproportionately more.

High level map:

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(10) It was turn of grand naval battles. You can clearly see this in the causalities – I have lost as Allies 114 points of ships strength while Kuba took 105. Definitely good proportion for Allies, having in mind their reinforcements.

(11) However, in long run the battle allowed me to get to the Marshall Islands!

(12) At the same time Japanese agents sneaked into India and destabilized it (1 victory point).

(13) The small advantage I gained in central Pacific after large naval struggles allows me to do the raid in direction of Wake. Kuba has no means to counterattack and the island, which is less then 11 hexes from Tokyo, is taken by me, granting 3 points.

(14) That is not the end. Kuba was preparing grand offensive in CBI, which finally paid off. He managed to get to northern India and get another victory point.

– Pacific (very meaningful picture: loses are similar but US gets four large ships of reinforcements…)

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– CBI:

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Well, we played long and intensively. The final score (if we calculate correctly) looks like this:


  • +1 for unstable India
  • +1 for one hex in India
  • +1 for closed road to Birma


  • -3 for Australian mandates
  • -3 Marshall Islands
  • -3 for Airfield 11 hex (or less) from Tokyo
  • -1 for US political will

In the end -7, so US victory.

I am sure we have made some mistakes – which you can probably even notice while reading my session report (feel free to point them out). However, “fun factor” was so great, that even if something like this happened, we had really good time.

Now we need some rest, as the game was really demanding for both us – a lot of planning, thinking, attacking, counterattacking. Great game!