Sometimes, when I am looking through my old pictures / reports from previous Commands Colors Ancients games (in times when I only was doing short reports for my friends), I sometimes stumble on real jewels. Let me today bring back and share with you on my blog one of the EPIC-evenings with CCA!

First, let me say that when we play with my colleagues the EPIC format CCA games, the historical background is as much important for us as the game itself. One of the best books which I can recommend here is “Battles of the Ancient World” based on which we familiarized ourselves with Cannae

If you can, get this book!

Ok, enough of the prelude, let us jump into the game! There was three of us – Lukasz, Marcin and me and depending on scenario, we differently split sides.

EPIC01 Cannae (216 BC)

One of the most important battles of ancient world, about which tons of books were written; total annihilation of Roman consular army, biggest Hannibal victory ever but, surprisingly, a turning point the the war (although not so obvious at the begging) in favor of Rome.

The battle in epic version looks splendid:

Set-up plus “Battles of the Ancient World” in the background (click to enlarge)

In our first game that evening I was “awarded” the post of consul Varrus who “managed to lost estimated 80’000 best Roman soldiers in one day”. I hope to do better then this historical leader. Well, let us see how it went:

Main action points marked (click to enlarge)
  1. Quite historically, my center which is far superior to Carthaginian counterparts, smashes into the Punic ranks. Trap set you say?
  2. Not necessarily. At the opportunity moment, instead of pursuing forward, my center turns left! The mass slaughter ensues there which allows Rome to take the lead 7-4!
  3. Unfortunately, Carthaginian counter-attack on my right (4 Heavy Infantry, 2 Warriors, 4 Cavalry units) leaves most of that part of my army in shatters. Still, it was fighting retreat!
  4. On the left, surprisingly, almost nothing happened.

The final and deciding action of the game was quite interesting. When I was planning for – possibly – game breaking play, my unit rolled poorly and being almost at full strength, was outright killed in battle back. 12-9 for Carthage – historical end but I fell my generals did much better job then their historical counterparts…

EPIC03 Raphia (217 BC)

Raphia seems to be one of the most forgotten battles of Ancient world – while also one of the largest, with over 130 thousand of soldiers taking part in it. Part of this could be attributed to the fact that it was fought far away in the Middle East, between Seleucids and Ptolemaic forces (the descendants of Alexander the Great successors) and that the outcome did not really mattered not only for the whole World, but even for the war itself!

The battle was fought in Palestine, between Antioch III and Ptolemy IV. Both sides had enormous numbers of elephants, and Egyptian forces had upper hand in that battle. All in vain, as in couple of years after Raphia, Antioch III conquered whole Palestine.

The set-up of our game was following: Marcin – leading Seleucids (me being Field General) while Ptolemaic forces were under Lukasz command:

Initial set-up (Click to enlarge)

As in history, that was pretty close, balanced and interesting encounter:

What a battle! Click to enlarge for details!
  1. Lukasz annihilates – really, there is no better world for what he had done – my wing (left Seleucid). My 8 units lay dead while only one is killed on Lukasz side.
  2. Fortunately – quite historically – our (Seleucid) right wing counter-attacks and Marcin kills five Egyptian units; some balance is brought to the game – 8-6 for Ptolemaic forces.
  3. Marcin shows even more skill and prowess when he intercepts Egyptian reinforcements, sent to strengthen the collapsing wing, and dispatches another 7 units!
  4. The end was similar to previous game – Lukasz fiercely attacked but battle back which killed his unit and finished the game!

13-10 – victory for Seleucids lead by Marcin (and me!) vs Egyptians under Lukasz was exciting till the very end! Next CCA reports soon!