Just as I mentioned couple of times on my blog, I was preparing with my colleagues (by playing shorter scenarios) to start a full campaign in Cataclysm. Well, the time finally come. We decided to play from 1933, set-up of C.1 scenario but for now, without Pacific map – as we had 4 players and did not want to add a complication to our first big game.

Our initial set-up looked like this:


Let us start now the detailed session report.

Turn 1 (1933-34) & Turn 2 (1935-36)

First two turns

The beginning – i.e. first two turns, were pretty quiet, peaceful and quick. UK garrisoned Egypt (1), France built strong defense in Paris region plus moved one army to Rumania (2), I tried to conquer the Persia Twice, without success) (3) and – the biggest development – Germany attacked and annexed Poland (4). Last but not least, Americans were building tons of units (5).The real action started next turn…

Turn 3 (1937-38)

Turn 3 and crazy things starts to happen

Kuba as UK definitely is planning something – tank in Egypt, well? (1). My third attempt finally conquers Persia, while… both France and UK collapses as their military reforms are being resisted by public opinion. The significant drawback is that this dissolves the Alliance between those countries and Konrad (Germany) immediately takes opportunity of this (3):

Germans attack France

But the help will come. Marcin – by pressuring USA – manages to get Land Lease in play (we started with this chit outside the map, which I think in the end was a good idea). (5)

Turn 4 (1939-40) and turn 5 (1941-42)

As you might expect, the 4th and 5th turns were long, crazy streaks of events, full of battles, counter-battles, invasions, and counter-invasions… The key is getting the UK-USA alliance and declaration of war on Germany. Let us see:

Konrad finally conquers France which Surrenders. Americans uses Denmark as beachhead for planned invasion into Germany. And British are building massive numbers of armors and planes – which at least partially will be destroyed by preemptive attacks of Germany.
However, Germans are taking back the initiative, by re-conquering Denmark plus subjugating the Belgium.
Kuba tries an invasion towards Ruhr but get 1-6 roll. That is a really unfortunate outcome for him….

As a bonus, set- of four pitched battles fought between US and German forces in the outskirts of Berlin. The Germans will eventually clean the mainland from the oppressors but will lose Paris to UK:

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After 6 hours of play, 5 turns, 10 years of boardgame relative time and umpteen number of collapses of Powers (Italy, France and UK were predominant) we decided to finish our game. The situation looked like this (click to enlarge):

End of game situation

The game gave us a lot of fun, excitement and unexpected twists of fortune. Konrad – who at some point in time lost both resources in Germany to US – managed to reconquer whole Germany. My USSR used the fact that I was not bothered by anybody and conquered half of neutral Europe. Kuba with UK was ruling in the seas and his tanks liberated Paris. Marcin with US was producing huge amounts of units, fueling war in Europe.

We will for sure play again!