So, after playing the introductory scenario (see here: C.2 Introductory: Days of Decision) the time come to familiarize with USSR and the nuances of land battles. With that me and my colleagues were testing scenario C.3 Theater: The Great Patriotic War. All with one goal in mind – to get familiar with game so we can sit down to full game just after Christmas!

Ok, the set-up is pretty simple for that Communists-Fascists encounter:

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Game 1 – with Marcin

The first game I had pleasure to play with Marcin. He took the lead of Germans and I was defending the “motherland” with Russians. He started with standard opener – offensive with two attacks, on which I suffered -2 to my DRM. That of course meant disaster for me:

Dear Russian comrades – surprise!

Unfortunately for Marcin, his consecutive attacks failed miserably – mainly in Belarus. At the same time I changed posture, move to Total War and invested my Commitment Offensives into builds:

Situation at the end of first turn of game (click to enlarge)

Still, 1943 came and the battle of Kursk happened – Marcin planned to regain the initiative. It was a large clash with historical outcome – Germans losing the fight:

Germans trying to regain initiative (click to enlarge)

What commenced was also historical, although slightly pre-mature – the annihilation of Group Army Center:

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In the meantime, Baltic States were “liberated”:

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What is interesting, both sides collapsed during the scenario – Total War economy has it great influence on the well-being of civilian population and their support for government:

Double collapse – though, no armistice as per rules (click to enlarge)

And the final situation at the end of game – Soviet victory!

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That was fun – and attacking with Germans into the Russian “snow” is hell of work and headache for Fascists!

Game 2 – with Konrad

Couple of days later I had possibility to play that quick scenario with Konrad. Again, I was leading USSR and my opponent Germans. Konrad started with double attack including armor from Romania – and he was much more successful then Marcin in similar attack:

Initial German offensive (click to enlarge)

Thanks to commitment increase on both sides, the units were build quickly and the front line finished (for now) in the stalemate:

Between turns (click to enlarge)

Last turn, where I had 2 offensives saved for attacks – as Germans in Russian soil means my defeat – brought the real emotions. First, the reenacting of Kursk battle – success for Soviets:


Then, the last, desperate defense of Germans in USSR – Ukraine. Despite the significant forces engaged on Soviet side, Fascists held:


(BTW, can you see error on above photo? Just noticed that!)

Successfully defending the Ukraine meant in the end – as it was last chit – the victory for Germans:

Final situation (click to enlarge)

Konrad fared definitely better then Marcin in that scenario, but one cannot suppress the felling (see above picture) that Soviet steamroller would crush Germans eventually.

That was fun – and we are ready for full game. Next AAR will cover the full Catalcyms (at least I hope 🙂 )!