Thanks to GMT Fall sale – which brought me tons of games! – I have possibility to familiarize myself with Cataclysm – a strategy level game about II World War. My intention is to play the introductory scenarios with at least 4 of my close friends to have possibility then to experience the full game – with scenario starting in 1933 and lasting even to 1946…

But before we sit don to large, two map experience with 7 countries and 5 players, first we go through introductory game. This is 3 turn scenario, starting not so far before WWII outbreak (1937) and lasting till Japan attacks Pear Harbor (late 1941). There is only two players, on leading UK & France, the other Germany and Italy.

Set-up of: C.2 Introductory: Days of Decision (Click to enlarge)

Game 1 – with Marcin

My first play-tester was Marcin. As it was our first game, we committed a lot of strange errors, which after second reading of rules were corrected in consecutive games. So let see what happened!

Status at the end of the game, with major developments marked (click to enlarge)
1.1 – Italy started to roll through the Balkans; there were some push backs, then Italy collapse but all in all played better then we expected:
Italy adventure in the Balkans

1.2 – at the same time the British were not standing idly (as historically…). They upgraded army, redeployed planes and attacked successfully Libya. Experienced player can notice one of our errors below…

Successful British attack on Libya

1.3 – unfortunately, due to resistance of public opinion and poor propaganda, France collapsed, exited alliance with UK and was mainly passive till the end of the game…

Collapse even without any war. That is depressing…

1.4 – British continued wrecking havoc among Italians by sinking their fleet… However, Sicily invasion was postponed to next year…

British attack in Tyrrhenian sea

Well, first encounter with Cataclysm showed that… it is good to read instruction once again. But it also proved my choice of the game was good – instantaneously liked the game! The final result was 9 for Fascists (Marcin) vs 6 of Allies (Michal).

Game 2 – with Konrad

Ok, two days later I played with Konrad – not having enough time to reread the rules, only portions, there was some possibility of errors but well, most important is to have fun from game!.

Status at the end of the game, with major developments marked (click to enlarge)

2.1 – in that game again, the Italians attacked Balkans but managed not to collapse and kept their cubes.

Italians ravage through Balkans…

2.2 – UK again rearmed, attacked Libya but also successfully stormed Sicily!

The war rages through Europe – all 4 countries are belligerent!

2.3 – Konrad tried not to provoke too much the USSR and finally Poland stayed independent.

2.4 – however, the real disaster happened on Western from, when attacked by surprise France was defeated two times. In second attack, Paris has fallen… Here we did our main error in the game but let us just not mention it here…

Successful attack on Paris

That was more intense game, but also much better for Fascist who under Konrad’s leadership won 14-6 with my Allies. 

Game 3 – with Jakub

Let us jump to final introductory game (all 3 in one week!). Here I had time to read rules once again, watch some YouTube movies plus read BGG. That helped as I have feeling we did not committed any errors! (or at least major ones…)

Summary of third game. (Click to enlarge)

3.1 – From the start, Kuba lead very successful diplomatic/war campaign in the central Europe, taking with help of German and Italian armies all countries but… Romania! Despite 3 attempts (mix of diplomacy and military attacks) that precious resource was denied to Fascists. 

3.2 – France, despite all my efforts, did not managed to keep their home front in check, and as moved towards mobilization, people said no. That was very painful, as all blue blocks in Eastern Europe disappeared…

3.3 – having the naval rules well familiarized, UK took Libya plus Sicily 🙂 Upgraded airplane, naval unit and army were preparing for assault into the mainland of Italy but amassed troops there – lead directly by Il Duce – for time being deterred the invasion.

3.4 – worse was to come. Kuba started war with France – some attacks were repelled, but in the end German tanks get to Paris. Unfortunately, France not only collapsed but did not manage to pass surrender roll… Wow, first time in my games a Power was totally annihilated!

Hostilities in France started!

Well, that was really good game and thanks this being third game – the flow was very smooth. Fascists won again, this time 14-4. But the most important goal was achieved – there is already 4 players in my player group who can take on full Cataclysm experience!

More to come!