I am really happy to see that number of new storage solutions on Cube4Me site is constantly growing. Today I would like to highlight multiple sets prepared for some of the great Mark Sionitch’s titles. Those heavy-counter saturated positions definitely need proper sorting and storage solutions. Also, please do not miss such classics like Angola or No Retreat! as well as great 3-player design about war in Bosnia – Brotherhood & Unity. Enjoy!

Here you can find all the wargaming tray sets (shipment world-wide!):

And now let us jump to details of newly added products!

Mark Simonitch’s The U.S. Civil War

Well, shame to admit but till The U.S. Civil War I had zero War games about that subject! But this is over and now I can play one of Mark Simonitch’s masterpieces (even though this is an updated streamlining of the Eric Lee Smith classic) – of course, with proper set of trays to manage all those counters. You need like 2 large, shallow trays to fit all Union, South and miscellaneous tokens with lid nicely closing. Hope you would like it!

More details here:

Mark Simonitch’s Normandy’44

Normandy’44 is probably one of most known, popular and recognizable of all Simonitch 1940s Wargames. Of course, sequential appearance of the forces in this theater of war – be it by the phases of Allied landing or by German reinforcements arriving – requires proper sorting of the counters so they can be quickly identified and used. Still, you need just a couple of large, shallow trays to keep everything in place. Please check below!

You can find more details here:


Mark Simonitch’s Holland’44

Now we touch upon my favorite game in Mark Simonitch’s 1940s series Holand’44. Why I appreciate it so much? Due to non-linear front, both sides having their attack and defense areas, great replayability and so much suspense. Above you can see set which easily stores and sorts all the counters for your easy access whenever needed. Enjoy!

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Mark Simonitch’s Salerno’43

The newest, probably the smallest and fastest of 1940s series Salerno’43. This game is great both for solo and two player games, mainly due to low density of counters as well as scripted landings phase. You just need one tray to put all the pieces in place – and quickly get them to the table. It is also good to see a fresh design from Mark, which can be easily played in one evening. Enjoy!

More details here:

Brotherhood & Unity

A beautifully published game from Compass Games – Brotherhood and Unity – tells the story of one of the most dramatic episodes of European history after World War II – War in Bosnia. That title also gets a proper treatment, as all its cards, units counters and additional markers are nicely stored and sorted. I hope that set help you to quickly bring that exciting title to the table. Enjoy!

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I am so glad that this true classic and precursor to COunter INsurgency series finally landed in my collection. As such, it deserves proper storage solution which in this case encompasses two small trays and 3 cards holders. With that, you will be able to quickly set-up that great game!

More details here:

No Retreat!

Honestly, I very much appreciate Carl Paradis designs and find them as incredibly well-thought. Whole WWII Eastern Front, through the whole period, with changing quality of both German and Soviet armies? All this on strategic level with low-counter density? This is exactly what No Retreat! The Russian Front bring. Here, a small storage solution which consist of one tray and two card holders should do a trick. I said low-counter density and I meant it 🙂

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I am so glad that the journey with tailor-made, verified and elegant storage solutions continues. Hope you will find the sets useful and spread the word / recommend! Any feedback, comments, opinions welcome. Thank you!