We have various traditions connected to coming Christmas – and of course, content creators have theirs too! For me these are Christmas Greetings to all Dear Reader in a format of a puzzle!

This greeting is traditionally built form the games components – and your task is to try to guess as many as possible! You can click on the image to enlarge it to have better view. Many of the titles used for this were released this year, but there are also classics from many years ago. Enjoy!

PS. You may clock on picture to enlarge it in new window.

And of course have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!



PS. For those struggling with finding out the game names, help in below spoiler 🙂

M – Reprint of Mark Herman Classic
E – 17th century Siege
R – Great block game about WWII in Pacific / Asia
R – Title depicting War in Bosnia
Y – Story of Valiant defenders

C – Quick conquest of Roman Republic
H -Ancient Races
R – Masterpiece of asymmetric conflicts series
I – Game happening in September 1939
S – 11th Century Wars in Spain
T – New edition of another Mark Herman masterpiece
M – Classic with over 30 years tenure
A – Leader game
S – John Butterfield at his best