As you all very well know, we have various traditions connected to coming Christmas – and bloggers also have their habits 🙂 For me these are Christmas Greetings to all Dear Reader, Colleagues, Friends and Boardgames companions in a format of a puzzle!

What kind of puzzle it will be? A greeting build form the games components – and your task is to try to guess as many as possible! You can click on the image to enlarge it:

Again, have a great Christmas and a Happy new Year! Let the coming year be joyful for all of us.



PS. For those struggling with guessing the game names, help in below spoiler 🙂

M – Newest C&C installment
E – One of the amphibious landings of WWII
R – Game set during the battle of Kursk (1943)
R – First game in super-popular series
Y – Solo game where you need to repeal alien invasion

C – September 1939 in Poland
H -One of the most famous Civil Wars
R -UK vs France in XVIII century (tactical level)
I – Game about freedom fighters in France during WWII
S – Solo game happening on September 1st 1939
T – UK vs France in XVIII century (strategic level)
M – One of the best Pacific War simulations
A – Game happening in forest
S – Great general friends and compatriots fighting for the dominance over his last empire