There are various traditions connected to coming Christmas. Blogs also have their habits 🙂 For me these are Christmas greetings for all fellow boardgamers in a format of the puzzle! In last two years I used tokens / counters from various games – you can have a look at those below:

This year my wife inspired me to create crime-movie type of challenge – how many games can you recognize below (all letters from the games I played)? You can click on the image to enlarge it:

Again, have a great Christmas and a Happy new Year! Let the coming year be more calm for all of us.



PS. For those struggling with guessing the game names, help in below spoiler 🙂

M – Game set during the battle of Kursk (1943)
E – Game about Peloponesian Wars
R – Game happening in forest
R – Game depicting battles from the times of Roman Republic
Y – Strategy level game about WWI

C – Solo game with SS fighting against Wehrmacht
R – Strategy-level game about Eastern Front during WWII
I – My favorite game 🙂 Blocks in Ancient world
S – UK vs France in XVIII century
T – US vs pirates in XIX century
M – Ancient Rome in times of turmoil (III century)
A – September 1939 in Poland
S – Caesar in Gaul

! – Strategy-level game about Eastern Front during WWII