I hope you guys are having good time just before Christmas / Holiday Season and already plan for some time-off with our beloved hobby. Why not make a present for yourself by getting quality, tailor made storage solution for your favorite games! In below article I am presenting some of the newest add-ons to Cube4Me Wargames Sets. You will find David Thompson Valiant Defense series fully covered or such a great classic like Volko Rhunke Labyrinth. Plus many more!

Here you can find all the wargaming tray sets (shipment world-wide!):

And now let us jump to details of newly added products!

Wing Leader Victories 1940-1942

There was a lot of questions regarding this game, or should I say the series. Lee Brimmicombe-Wood did a great of job designing very engaging, fast and brutal aerial wargame. It gained enormous popularity which is clearly visible in number of expansions created.

The set allows you to sort nicely and elegantly all Base Game components – including the planes cards. You can find more details here:


Valiant Defense Series

I will not deny – I am fan of David Thompson Valiant Defense series. It already encompasses four titles, each of them telling some incredible story of courage and valor. The historical narrative is very important for me thus I cherish those games so much. I am thus glad to announce that all titles – including the newest, Lanzerath Ridge, are getting proper treatment in storage solutions area. I hope you will like it!

More details here:


What a great classic we have here – a spiritual predecessor to the COunter INsurgency series, hallmark of Volko design. That action packed, asymmetric position will keep you on your toes till the last Turns of the game. Thus with great pleasure I wanted to let you guys know that a tailor-made storage solution was designed for it – both for the Action Cards but also counters and other components. Enjoy it!

More details here:


Another experiment with block game? Yes! And to be quite honest – a very successful one. I admit, it usually was taking me some time to set-up the Hellenes scenarios, looking for all those specific blocks in my zip locks. No more! The trays does magic work of sorting everything nicely and being immediately accessible; the minimally longer time to put back everything to the box is worth it. Check it out!

More details here:


I am fully aware that a) there are staunch discussions if ROOT is a Wargame or not b) there are many storage solutions on the market for that game. Still, we decided to design something which works for us – and that set can be used in pretty flexible way, as you can go only for card holders, only for components trays or both. You can even experiment with using card holders for storing some specific factions. Please have a look at sets and let us know what do you think.

More here:

White Eagle Defiant

A small gem at the end of the list – Ryan Heilman White Eagle Defiant, published by Hollandspiele. I am of course not objective with that game – like it so much for the story it tells – Nazi Germany initiating the WWII by invading Poland. I really appreciate the components, design and solo suitability. The small, elegant storage solution helps with all the counters sorting and setting up the game. Enjoy!

More details here:


For me that endeavor with storage solutions is something more then simply business adventure. I am so glad that the idea which we devised with Marcin during Christmas last year flourished so nicely. The cooperation of Poland-based blogger and entrepreneur continues 🙂

Hope you will find the sets useful and spread the word / recommend! Thank you!