The Paths of Glory remains one of my all time favorite games. I had opportunity to introduce already two of my colleagues to that fantastic title, play a full, 20 turn campaign as well as 1917 scenario (links to those greats events in table below). This time the situation was slightly different, as Paul, with whom I had opportunity to play online already Julius Caesar and Shores of Tripoli, was really keen to try this game. What could I say? Of course help colleague in need!

[REVIEW] Paths of Glory
1917 scenario variant
Video session report from full 20-turns game
New adepts of Paths of Glory
New adepts of Paths of Glory – second attempt

Below our first campaign, showed in animated session report. Make sure to turn the volume up! Enjoy!

And an interesting situation comparison at the beginning and end of the game:

That was great a great session and we immediately started another one, reversing the side. I will report on that one soon!