The Mission really did a good impression on me. I like its game-play, rules, components, theme and topic. I played it pretty extensively (see my reports The Mission – Full Campaign scenario and The Mission – Rise of Jihad scenario) I decided to record the actual gameplay in series of short videos each spanning one era of teh game. What you will find below are the last three eras covered by that title; in the Part 1 you got the first three (The Mission Full Campaign session report & how to play – Part 1). Enjoy!

The Mission – Full Session Report – Part 4 – The Fall of Rome

It spans Turn 15-20. The Rome is falling, the barbarian hordes invade the empire and the fight for survival starts!

The Mission Full Session Report – Part 5 – The Rise of Jihad

The fifth era – The Rise of Jihad – spans from Turn 21 to Turn 24. It is most violent and brutal part of the game, with Caliphate attacking from Jerusalem.

The Mission Full Session Report – Part 6 – The Early Middle Ages

On Turn 25, Abbasid Caliphate overthrows Umayyads and starts to prosecute Christians. The Holy Roman Empire is created..