Last week we had opportunity to familiarize with the first two Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion characters: Voidwarden and Demolitionist. Today is the time to describe another two adventurers: Valrath Red Guard and Inox Hatchet.

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(NEW!) Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion – Voidwarden and Demolitionist

But before we jump into the details of new haracters, couple of words about game itself. As announced, it is a standalone game that takes place before the events of Gloomhaven. Author claims, it is aimed at a more casual audience to get people into the gameplay more quickly. What are the key features to achieve it?

  • All of the hard-to-organize cardboard map tiles have been removed, and instead players play on the scenario book itself. Nice idea!
  • The last barrier to entry — so learning the game — has also been lowered through a simplified rule set and a five-scenario tutorial that will ease new players into the experience.
  • Not to mention special introductory cards (which you will be able to see on the pictures).


The game includes four new characters which can be used also in the main game. Let us now check the last two of them!

Valrath Red Guard


Though their demon-like qualities make them feared by many, Valraths are, for the most part, well-mannered and gentle, preferring to solve problems through diplomacy rather than violence.

Not every Valrath can be peaceful, however. There is a specific caste in the Valrath capital of Jhinda tasked with protecting the city. It is a prestigious position and one not easily lived up to. Outcasts from Jhinda for unknown crimes, the Red Guard found it too difficult to part from their identity as a protector, keeping the distinctive red armor, as well as their chained sickle and shield. The only place to find work was as a mercenary in Gloomhaven, and maybe, just maybe, by standing on the front lines and keeping their allies from harm, the Red Guard will find some way to redeem themselves. Not in the eyes of the Jhinda culture, which has permanently turned its back, but at least within their own esteem.

Introductory cards available to that character (with explanations)
All basic cards available to that character
Level 2-4 cards we can see from the start; levels 5-9 are hidden before reaching them
Red Guard Perks

My comment:

Pretty tough character, attacking in range and close combat. Also, creates a lot of elements (mainly fire) so can be used as complimentary to other team members using those substances. Good stamina – with decent hand of 10 cards, pretty high health (I think can be used as front-men for the group, as my Brute did), interesting loot + damage options. The initiative allows for two-rounds-actions, being very slow and then very fast in consecutive turn. All in all, pretty versatile character, which can even heal! What is more, very, very thematic!

Would I play this – well, I like rather one sided than versatile characters. Still, looking at various options that Valrath provides, I am not saying no!

Inox Hatchet


The Inox are a primitive and barbaric race, preferring to live in small nomadic tribes scattered across the wilderness. While normal Inox may be valued in Gloomhaven for their brute strength and endurance with manual labor, if you want to be a successful mercenary in the city, sometimes a little more finesse is required. Hatchets have fully embraced life in the city, outfitting themselves with the latest fashions. It is all a bit of a front, though, as their true passion lies in their arsenal. No one is a better marksman with a throwing axe, and if anybody wants to challenge that claim, they had better be prepared for a duel to the death.

Introductory cards available to that character (with explanations)
All basic cards available to that character
Level 2-4 cards
Hatchet perks

My comment:

A range-damage dealer which is pretty rare for an Inox. It reminds me of my favorite Gloomhaven adventurer – Doomstalker. Not only due to the type of it attacks, but also because of tokens usage – they can really enhance your attacking capabilities.

Average health, acceptable stamina (10 cards) and many possibilities to create and use wind to enhance its actions sounds like an interesting option for me. I am especially fond of high damage dealers, be it Scoundrel (melee) or Doomstalker (range). Looking at all four Jaws of Lion options for a play, that and Demolitionist seems the closest to my liking.

Thank you for reading the articles – hope to meet you guys in the session reports.