Yes! We had opportunity to once again spend ~10 hours building galactic empires, fighting to fulfill objectives and sometimes – to survive. It is not easy to coordinate six people for such a long game, and our first game as well as second session were played like 9 months ago. Still, we again mobilize ourselves and meet for that grand event.

This time we had like four veterans of previous encounters (me, Kuba G, Kuba J and Marcin) and two newbies (Andrzej and Bartek) who actually played pretty well. The idea was also for “veterans” to test races we did not played earlier and equip new players with rather standard, straightforward factions. Thus we had:

  • The Emerates of Hacan – Bartek 
  • The Federation of Sol – Andrzej
  • The Brotherhood of Yin – Marcin
  • The Clan of Saar – Kuba G
  • The Mentak Coalition – Kuba J
  • The Yssaril Tribes – Michal

Below the action report depicting the main events and high level situation from time to time:

Our initial set-up and game board (click to enlarge)
The first blood was drawn very quickly – Marcin takes overs systems colonized by Andrzej’s Sol Confederation (click to enlarge)
Still, the proud inhabitants of Earth are first to Mecatol Rex! (click to enlarge)
Mid-game (after turn 3). You can observe steady expansion of all nations toward the center. The board is divided – as far as cooperation is concerned – in two groups Mentak, Saar and Yin vs Yssaril, Hacan and Sol. Tension grows… (click to enlarge)
…until it erupts. My forces are being attacked by Kuba J. I am able to repeal attack but that means two objective will have to wait for potential scoring. (click to enlarge)
After round 5. Kuba G firmly took over the Mecatol, and also the lead in points. So it seems game over? Well, not necessarily… (click to enlarge)
They said “save the galaxy”, they said “you can do it”. They said ” do not worry about the odds”. So I did not. And attacked Mecatol Rex – what the fight it was… (click to enlarge)
…and what a victory. So we played on. (click to enlarge)
Do you remember “first blood”? Yes, the payback time has come. Andrzej annihilated Marcin’s fleet, but was able to take over one planet only – still gaining one additional VP. (click to enlarge)
After turn 6. We will be finishing soon ans Kuba needs only 1 point to win the game. But before this Bartek (Hacan) attacks his fleet and score secret objective. (click to enlarge)
It is last turn and all things are possible. I need to destroy enemy flag ship for secret objective. So another payback time (for the previous invasion). Successful and 1 VP for me. (click to enlarge)
And the situation at the end of the game. Total chaos, many hot spots and total annihilation in many places. (click to enlarge)
As for the scores, Kuba G. wins with 2 points lead, followed by Andrzej (great debut!) and others. (click to enlarge)

Important note: for creation of the map we used fantastic Map Generator for Twilight Imperium by Derek Peterson. You can read more about it on BGG thread as well as see tit in work on dedicated webpage.