Last weekend we had again possibility to play Twilight Imperium – our first encounter is reported HERE. Such occasion – to gather 6 people for a ~9-10 hours session – is a rare case but definitely worth the effort. The game really shines with six players, and although it takes some time – gives a lot of fun.

As for the set-up, as we are still beginners so we used one of pre-made, balanced maps. We also “enhanced” the set-up further, by home-ruling that:

  • everybody draws two civilizations and chooses one – sorry, we are not experienced enough to choose one from all and discard one – it would take ages
  • then we randomly decided the order; first person in order chooses place at the map, then second… up to the sixth
  • However, the sixth person in the initial order becomes Speaker and chooses Strategy Cards as first, fifth person in initial order chooses card as second and so on; the order during Turn 1 is normal, i.e. as per initiative of the card and then clockwise from the Speaker

We all were pretty happy with the above mechanic which in a pretty balanced way allowed us to prepare the game. Finally, we ended in such set-up – colors depicts also the figures on the board:

  • Dominik (Nekro Virus)
  • Filip (The Winnu)
  • Kuba G (The Arorec)
  • Kuba J (The Embers of Muaat)
  • Marcin (The Nalu Collectie)
  • Michal (The Lizix Mindnet)


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Turn 1 is as usual rather quick and without any great developments. That was also the case this time but with some variety:

  • (1) I had possibility to take over two systems.
  • (2) Kuba J with his War Sun and Warfare card traveled up north towards Dominik
  • (3) …who also nicely expanded and at the same time signed Support for Throne treaty with Kuba J to keep the War Sun away from his borders
  • (4) Kuba G had very slow start – only 1 system colonized…
  • (5) …while Filip was overwhelming galaxy with his presence taking 3 of them.
  • (6) Marcin and his telepathic Nalu Collective had to decide to move towards one of his neighbors. He had chosen Filip – which had later on very serious consequences.

Score – no surprises – only guys who exchanged the Diplomacy Cards scored this turn:

  • 1 point – Dominik (Nekro Virus), Kuba J (The Embers of Muaat)
  • 0 points – Filip (The Winnu), Kuba G (The Arorec), Marcin (The Nalu Collectie), Michal (The Lizix Mindnet)


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  • (7) The action starts! It was very close for hostilities to break on the border between me (Lizix Mindnet) and Kuba J (The Embers of Muaat). However, as my civilization was the only one on the board who could really knock out the War Sun out of game, Kuba J decided not to attack and we signed the ceasefire.
  • (8) Dominik expands further and gets very close to the home world of Kuba G
  • (9) …who in exchange moves toward Filip, taking over some systems
  • (10) Filip decides to use special ability of his race (The Winnu) and presses forward towards Mercator
  • (11) Marcin moves fast forward toward rich systems neighboring Filip. He uses his telepathic special ability to be the first there. It starts to look ugly for Filip if you look what his neighbors are doing…

Scoring – still very balanced, with two races without points:

  • 1 point – Dominik (Nekro Virus), Kuba J (The Embers of Muaat), Filip (The Winnu), Marcin (The Nalu Collectie)
  • 0 points – Kuba G (The Arorec), Michal (The Lizix Mindnet)


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  • (12) Finally, things start to move quickly! In my sector, after diplomatic offensive, I managed to grab another two system and four planets. The economic foundations of Lizix Mindnet are finally established!
  • (13) Filip (The Winnu) using his special ability takes Mercator. He is immediately challenged by War Sun and Kuba J, being annihilated as a result… You do no mess with War Sun!
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  • (14) Being crushed on the Mercator front, Filip has to withstand another blow – he is unexpectedly attacked by one of his neighbors – Kuba G. A knife in the back – and Filip loses his home-world:
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  • (15) As a last step of the turn, Dominik moves his grand fleet closer and closer to Kuba J and his War Sun. What would be the response from the The Embers of Muaat? You can only guess…

The scores are starting to raise quickly – Kuba G gets the lead for now, but everybody else is just one point behind:

  • 3 points – Kuba G (The Arorec),
  • 2 point – Dominik (Nekro Virus), Kuba J (The Embers of Muaat), Filip (The Winnu), Marcin (The Nalu Collectie), Michal (The Lizix Mindnet)


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  • (16) Turn of fights, battles and – for some of us – military build-up. First of all, Filip rebuilds his fleet and crushes invasion force of Kuba G:
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  • (17) However, he is being stabbed in the back again – this time by Marcin! Of course, that does not finish well for Filip:
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  • (18) I mentioned that Dominik and his fleet moved dangerously close to Kuba J home-world. That had to be managed, and the War Sun fleet crushes again his opponents. Haven’t I said it already? You do not mess with War Sun!!
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Score – as everybody else was engaged fighting, I had opportunity to colonize new lands, build very strong fleet of 5 Dreadnoughts (secret objective) and take the lead in points:

  • 5 points – Michal (The Lizix Mindnet)
  • 4 points – Kuba G (The Arorec),  Kuba J (The Embers of Muaat)
  • 3 point – Dominik (Nekro Virus), Filip (The Winnu), Marcin (The Nalu Collectie)


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  • (19) Now, things are changing rapidly. First, I attack Dominik – to fulfill a secret objective. He escapes due to a nice action card but two more planets in my empire are nice addition
  • (20) Kuba G and his flora (he is a plant!) takes over Mercator but I stand my fleet over the planet and initiate bombardment. Plants hold – hopefully only for now…
  • (21) The decimation of FIlip’s fleets and partition of his civilization continues. Both Marcin and Kuba G are cooperating in that despicable endeavor!
  • (22) New tension point arises – Kuba G tries to take over the rich systems which Dominik long time ago colonized. The clash finishes in draw – each of belligerents controls one planet in the system

Score – interesting situation, and it seems that next round could be the last one:

  • 6 points – Michal (The Lizix Mindnet), Kuba J (The Embers of Muaat)
  • 5 points – Kuba G (The Arorec),
  • 4 point – Dominik (Nekro Virus), Filip (The Winnu), Marcin (The Nalu Collectie)


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As you will see, this will be the last turn…

  • (23) First, Filip attacks Marcin – he is relentless in his effort to battle back some systems and he manages to take over a planet!
  • (24) Now, couple of words of explanation. That was supposed to be last turn before The Lizix Mindnet will score ten points and finish the game. To do so, I took Imperial Card… which was immediately taken back by an Action card played by Kuba J (The Embers of Muaat) – so I had to choose another one. Unfortunately for me, the card fallen in hands of Kuba G (The Arorec). So I had to act- and act in crazy way to prevent the plants from getting the victory. First, I tried to conquer Mercator defended by 7 plants – unfortunately, without success…
  • (25) … then I attacked Kuba’s J fleet to fulfill 2 secret objectives, but I definitely had not big enough fleet (there was a law limiting number of ships to 4). And of course, You do not mess with War Sun!, rule proved to be true – I lost the battle:
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  • (26) As one of the last moves, we had a grand battle between Kuba G and Dominik which finished in minimal victory of the second one (although planets in system stayed divided):
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At this moment, the game finished with a following result:

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This was long, hard-fought game with Kuba G grasping the victory in last moment. Tons of praises should go towards Filip, who did not break down and fought till the end. We are getting better at this game with every session but seems that again we played some rules wrong (do you really, before agenda phase, turn up all planets so you have full spectrum of your worlds available for voting?). Anyhow, that was much fun, great company and time well spent!