Do you remember / know Conquest of Empire? The wargame published by Eagle-Gryphon Games with involvement of Martin Wallace in 2005 (second edition). First edition is from 1984! Large board, 6 players (wow!), well balanced goals and changing alliances from turn top turn. You can lay whole game in about 4-6 hours so it was not so often on our table.

I was looking lately through my pictures from old conventions and found two from 2011. That is kind of a nostalgic look back at what I was playing 8 years ago. I am proud to say that my choices were good – I vividly remember all the excitement, intrigues, back-stabbing of COE 🙂

Chaos of mid-game – not so many units yet on the board; the guys are planning intensively…

The problem with that game was that it was hard to get 6 players to play it especially for ~5 hours. Kind like Twilight Imperium. But once you get them to the board – and conventions are kind of best time to do something like this – you have guaranteed fun.

The final outcome – board swarming with the troops

Well, I will not claim I do not remember all the details of that meeting. Still, the positive emotions (yeah, I won, that helps…) are with me. Unfortunately it was last time we played that game. Maybe we will come back to it some time in the future – who knows… Still, there are so many new games you hardly have time to play what you just bought…