Today, I would like to share with you an After Action Report (AAR) from our epic game of Twilight Imperium 4th edition. The game itself was a birthday present for one of us (Kuba G.). This a is huge position so we planned like a month in advance to have a free Saturday in order to be able to play this game. Well, the day came and yesterday, after 1.5 hours of set-up and like 7.5 hours of the actual play we finished our first play-through.

We managed to get six players (maximum number). We built the galaxy as well as used the races according to suggested “first game set-up”. So the split was following (together with colors on the board):

  • Filip (The Xxcha Kingdom)
  • Kuba G. (The Federation of Sol)
  • Kuba J. (The Emirates of Hacan)
  • Konrad (The Barony of Letnev)
  • Michal (The Sardakk N’orr)
  • Marcin (The Universities of Jol-Nar)

And now let me provide you with a full report from our session.


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(1) Marcin takes over two star systems, which were pretty rich and allowed him to control 6 planets at the end of the turn.

(2) Kuba G. did expansion in a similar, balanced and measured way – 2 systems.

(3) Filip played very aggressively, denying Kuba G. one of his closest systems

(4) Konrad also played aggressively (pity I had no option to counter attack). He took Warfare and managed to move twice – thus he controlled 4 systems at the end of the turn.

(5) I took two systems but also send envoy to Kuba J. To trade but also… to score secret objective 🙂

(6) Kuba J. also takes two systems, and graciously leaves my destroyer undamaged 🙂

That was turn of slow expansion for everybody. Some aggressive moves, which would have more important impact later. Everybody scored one of Open Objectives plus mine secret. We also used promissory notes so everybody had like 2-3 points.


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(7) Marcin continues his expansion – another system added. But black clouds gather over the border with Kuba G

(8) Kuba G. enters informal, non-binding agreement with Filip who allows him expansion towards center of the map.

(9) Filip himself adds two new systems to his lands (or planets I should say 🙂 )

(10) Konrad also moves toward the center of the map (Mecatol Rex).  Seems we will have a lot of pretenders to get 1 point for occupying central planet in next round.

(11) I am building flagship and move it in the direction of the center. Plus, as in previous turn, score one point on Open objectives.

(12) At the same time Kuba J. also starts to bring forces to the center of the galaxy.

You can very clearly see that time of peaceful co-existence is close to an end. Next round we shall see a lot of interesting interactions.


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(13) We start slowly – Marcin expands to one additional system.

(14) However, that is the end of peaceful existence in that part of galaxy – Kuba G. attacks a system next to Marcin’s home-world and manages to take it over (2 planets).

(15) And the play for center of Galaxy starts. I am the farthest from the center, do not have fast ships except one technology so… decide to gamble. I am taking Diplomacy strategy card (allowing movement as one of the first in round), then I am using a technology to speed-up carrier and the Mecatol Rex is mine. Of course, only for a moment – but victory point stays! Konrad pushes me out of the center… only to be pushed out by Kuba G.:

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I told you, a lot of things will start to happen.

(16) At the same time, Filip “peacefully” approaches center of galaxy through Konrad’s systems – a very successful PDS (Planetary Defense System) barrage of the latter disrupts that move but do not halt it.

(17) Kuba J. moves large amounts of heavy ships toward my border – claiming this is of course a peaceful move… We shall see.

Very interesting turn, with the center of galaxy changing owner three times and “some” misunderstandings between Konrad and Filip.


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(18) We start with a clash. Marcin with almost all his might attacks Kuba G. and to surprise of everybody it occurs he is peaceful, science-orientated civilization with -1 penalty to all combat rolls… Well, you can imagine how that fight finishes.

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(19) Kuba G. moves out from the center of galaxy in anticipation of Konrad’s move toward this sector – which indeed happens a moment later.

(20) Filip flies out of Konrad sectors, builds large fleet, but it takes ages to move it to the front sectors.

(21) I am scoring points, developing technologies (my civilization starts with zero) and prepare the ships for next round.

(22) Kuba J. also expands significantly his fleet, moves large chunk in direction of the center at the same time honoring our border agreement.

Well, interesting turn, change again in Mecatol Rex, large battle between Marcin and Kuba G.  Also, at the end of the turn, in Agenda segment, 2 PDS of Konrad are being removed. What will the next round bring?


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(23) Konrad expecting large attack in the galaxy center, moves out – but not into his sectors! No, he targets weakly defended sector of Kuba J. But be not afraid! The latter takes over now the Mecatol Rex!

(24) Marcin finally attacks successfully Kuba G. and pushes him out of his sector. He scores now secret objective (I think here we made mistake as Marcin claims to score two points  and you can do it once a turn – but let us leave it as it is).

(25) I have good technologies – finally! I am doing raid on Konrad’s sectors, taking over 2 planets and losing one dreadnought in attack on the next one. At least some fun starts here!

(26) Kuba G. attacks Marcin – not to crush him, but to score a secret objective. Having additional open objective for 2 points, he reaches 10 points and we finish the game.


Here are the final results:

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The game was interesting – we played only 5 rounds and reached 10 points. That was very fast according to what I understand is a standard. That was learning session so we’ve also done some mistakes – you cannot avoid it – but also learnt the mechanics, what is important, and how to win.