This was another mid-week wargame evening with Kuba. We are organizing those meeting with varied regularity, but in good times we were able to get as much as 2 games per month. Usually we have enough time for one small or medium sized scenario during a session. On that particular evening the choice was Flying Colors and Cape Henry as a small – 8 ships each – scenario.

Flying Colors campaign:
Cape Ortugal
Cape Henry
Goza de Candia
El Ferrol
Audierne Bay

Historical background: it is 1781, and war in New World rages on – despite peace in Europe. France is trying to transport troops to American continent while British forces attempt to intercept the transport. Historically the battle was tactically won by French but British were strategically successful – the transport was cancelled and withdrew.

The initial set-up is very, very confrontational:

I am playing French, Kuba – British

It could sound like a truism, but this was another wargame in which we played with Kuba where the final result was in question till the last volley. The session brought a lot ups and downs for both sides as well as twists and turns.

The wind was blowing from the West – left on below picture – so my plan was go straight and then turn at the back of the Kuba’s fleet at full speed. Kuba actually risked turning against wind – and to our surprise he managed in 7 out of 8 attempts:

First maneuvers

On below picture we see the situation after Kuba’s turn – his ships in beaching position and mine at almost full speed:

Critical moment of the game

The initiative is key – I have managed to win it despite -1 modification. However, in the meantime Kuba damaged one of my ships and gained 2 points.

At full speed I am hitting the rear of British fleet – the forward part is too far away to assist. British flagship is being massacred – he receives 14 rigging hits. Beautiful… but one too few to damage ships (15 needed) and to get 3.5 points for final victory. My last roll has 80% (!!!) of probability but misses…

The game finishes in the festival of one-on-one skirmishes and final victory of Kuba 2-0:

End of game – chaos at the sea

The level of emotions reached zeniths couple of times – two times the wind almost changed which would eventually impact drastically our movement. Our volleys with high probability missing spectacularly  also added to this. All in all, great session and a lot of fun!