Last Wednesday, as part of mid-week games with Kuba we returned again to Flying Colors. As I checked, it was already over two years since we last time set sail and explored XVIII and XIX seas.

To made return slightly easier we have chosen one of three duel scenarios – Goza de Candia 1798.

Flying Colors campaign:
Cape Ortugal
Cape Henry
Goza de Candia
El Ferrol
Audierne Bay

We rolled for the sides and set-up scenario. I was England while Kuba lead French vessel. I said vessel as in duel scenarios you have only two ships. In this, stronger and better equipped French ship has to capture (not destroy!) English unit which escapes with important documents:


The game length was max 20 turns and if documents are not retrieved by that time – my side wins.

I have started with couple of the shots in the hull, being able even to use both sides in one turn. Kuba’s strategy was to target my rigging (masts) to prevent my movement, grapple my ship and try to take it over. First two turns:

Initial exchange of fire

Between turn 2 and 5 a lot of close combat took place, as Kuba was manevrouving and I was shooting – and my dices, in comparison to Kuba, were hot:

Things start to get serious

Finally, I managed to inflict enough damage on Kuba to have his ship flipped, but he dismasted mine:

Both ships merely hold…

What followed was my drifting while Kuba was attempting to grapple and board my ship. He was three times unsuccessful and I used one occasion to perform stern rake, blowing his vessel into pieces:

Final moment

It was exciting game though we both were pretty disappointed with grappling / boarding mechanic – it is virtually impossible to perform this maneuver. However, I think that system shines with larger fleets battles and that is what I hope we should have time to test soon!