Some time ago – in so called “meantime”, between work, pick-up from the airport and setting up some other stuff, I managed to find a moment and play with Jakub quick and easy Flying Colors scenario – Audierne Bay:

Initial set-up

Jakub drew British and was leading two fully-equipped frigates while I took command of French damaged ship – but still having fire superiority in 1-to-1 combat.

Unfortunately, sailing against the wind (beaching, in case of my ship) is significantly inferior to sailing with the wind (reaching, Jakub) and results is far less maneuverability. However, taking a risk I tried to turn and… barely managed to do it:

Just before turning through wind (tackling)

Two small and quick British vessels were moving fervently around my clumsy ship but I managed to pin them down couple of times in closes quarters. In the end, historically, Kuba won as my and one of his ships surrendered and his second vessel survived:

Final situation; ships with Flag counters struck their colors (= surrendered)

Quick, intense and nice scenario.