I think almost everybody – and for sure me – in its youth dreamed about being pirate, sailing through beautiful waters and islands of Caribbean sea and living the adventurous life. Well, watching TV series like below – with fantastic music, great play and simply interesting plot – can actually blew your mind and make you start to dream:

How it finished – well, I also think everybody knows – with everyday routine 🙂 However, there is one thing – boardgames – which helps me to move to those days and at least to some extend immerse the the climate.

Flying Colors campaign:
Cape Ortugal
Cape Henry
Goza de Candia
El Ferrol
Audierne Bay

Flying Colors  is definitely the game  which helps here 🙂 And thanks to Kuba, I had pleasure to play couple of scenarios – first of which I will describe below.

Cape Ortugal, November 4th 1805

“First steps”

Which means reading the rule-book. Well, not the shortest one but also not the longest (24 pages) plus playbook. However, all those nautical terms. Wow, that was not easy, especially in English but you will do a lot to try a good game! After second reading clouds over the sea started to clear…

“Let the fun begin”!

We look into the box and see tons of beautifully depicted ships, counters, etc./ But maps are the best – depending on scenario one, two or three. Their size is overwhelming – just have a look at single map for first scenario with only 7 ships present:

Flying Colors 1
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There will be a lot of place to maneuver, especially in 3-maps scenarios!


Ok, so we start with mentioned Cape Ortugal scenario, where four french ships (one damaged) are escaping from Trafalgar (Kuba). They are being pursued by three British ships (Michal) and, historically, all french ones will be captured.

Initial set-up:

Flying Colors 2
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First broadside fire and some damage on the ships hulls and sails:

Flying Colors 3
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In the end, maneuvering started – Kuba started to turn against wind, while I tried to intercept his move. The game really well depicts and simulates wind influence on movement:

Flying Colors 4
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The carnage begins – the exchange of volleys on short distance is deadly. Two out of my three ships had lost all their sails – they are dis-masted and adrift. However, my British sailors pays back – they perform couple of “rake shots” – so through the whole length of ship – demolishing hulls of two out of four French ships:

Flying Colors 5
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Unfortunately for French, one of their severely damaged ships is a line ship. Admiral is injured, ship cannot escape and in the end – is being sunk, together with the whole leadership. That save the day for British who claims victory.


How did it play? With a lot of emotions, interestingly and… quite long. Well, it is for sure because it was our first scenario, we were learning the game, etc. But we wonder, how bigger scenarios will look like and how much time would they take? Let us say, Trafalgar? We shall see!.