Do I enjoy Falling Sky? Very much indeed! What is the reason? First and foremost theme, with Ancient Rome, Caesar, Gauls as main actors in this story. I love that part of human history and you do not have to convince me to play the game connected with that epoch. Then, we have a very fitting – for COIN system – situation, with all-mighty Rome, pretty powerful Arverni and Belgae and nimble Aedui. The interactions and connections between factions can become very complex and intriguing, making each game a completely different experience.

So whenever occasion occurs – like recently – to organize another Play By Email game with my online friends, I am immediately open to join such initiative!

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52 BC scenario set-up with clear indication who lead which faction

Let me invite you now to as always picture-rich session report, where I am describing the fate of the Gaul – for umpteen time 🙂 This time, after playing recently the shortest, 52 (BC) The Great Revolt scenario, the decision was to try something longer. In the end we went for The Reconquest of Gaul (53 BC) scenario


53 BC, mid-Winter: Belgic warbands have suddenly massed around the legions’ dispersed winter garrisons, while defection from Roman rule stirs in Celtica. Can Caesar and the Aedui get north to beat back Ambiorix, before Vercingetorix unifies the Celts in resistance?

This main scenario begins with the Belgae having sprung a trap and close to victory. To the south, Vercingetorix is on the scene but has yet to rally the tribes he needs to challenge Caesar. While Rome’s position appears strong in subdued tribes, the Arverni are about to undo that. The Romans must balance the Belgic emergency with pruning the budding Arverni rebellion, while their Aedui friends weigh how much and how long to help them do so.

YEAR 1 (52 BC)

Year 1 actions (click to enlarge)

The summary of actions in the first year:

  • Arverni initiated gradual and focused development of their home region, increasing number of allies to 4 (!) and also amassing large forces.
  • Belgae – historically – attacked Romans and killed one legion; they also invested in pretty cool capability, giving them additional Commands / Specials during the Winter – fortunately, after Victory check!
  • Caesar slowly but gradually was building its position (see Mandubi) and got two fantastic capabilities – one to be able to execute Specials wherever he wants and second very useful in attacks on strongholds.
  • Aedui (me!) migrated West to Pictones as well as North. I think I had all possible warbands and citadels rallied / build.

Summary of a year: we al knew this is slightly longer scenario, so a lot of investment went into Capabilities. No major developments other than successfully stopping Belgae from victory.

YEAR 2 (51 BC)

Year 2 actions (click to enlarge)

Key developments of the second year:

  • Arverni moved with their large army, taking Pictones, Britannia, Veneti and even Provincia. But they made one mistake in home region… They also got one, potentially pretty useful, skill (Aqutani, providing better rally)
  • Aedui lost Pictones but built very strong position in Atrebates. Unfortunately, I did not get any good capability.
  • Belgae got Commius, probably one of the best capabilities in game. It was really hard to stop them as they could rally everywhere as if with control! (See above two Allies of them in most crazy places)
  • Rome – now, the most important piece. Caesar set-up a trap for Vercingetorix, risking 50%/50% that he will got him. And so he succeeded, obliterating completely Arverni region, army and its leader. Was it end to Arverni dreams? Not so quick…
Death of Vercingetorix…

A year in a nutshell: Huge developments! Aedui evicted from Pictones, Belgae pressed out from Nervii and most importantly – death of Vercingetorix!

YEAR 3 (50 BC)

Year 3 actions (click to enlarge)
Obliteration of Roman army

Main actions of the third year – no more alliances, everybody for himself:

  • Rome had pretty good position at the beginning of the turn. With crushed Arverni, they could focus on other enemies. The decided to travel via Carnutes which proved to be their undoing…
  • Arverni defeated, crushed and forgotten were quickly rebuilding their forces. And once Vercingetorix successor amassed enough warriors, they set-up similar trap – like Caesar did in Year 2 – with 50%/50% chance to get Romans unprepared. Should it not work, Arverni would be definitely beaten.
    But that was not what happened. The Gallic god of Arverni helped them and they attacked, killing 5 Auxilia and 6 legions! What a tremendous change of fate!
  • Belgae where two are fighting, the third is gaining. That old saying was very true about the situation – alone, I was not able to hold Atrebates. Belgae also colonized Germany & Carnutes.
  • Aedui – as Brent once said – were poor men of Gaul, under constant attack from Belgae and other mighty powers. In the end I lost a lot of territories in the north, but managed to keep to my core provinces..


The final scores were as follows (number show the distance from automatic victory):

  1. Belgae (Mark): 3
  2. Arverni (Michal G): 2
  3. Aedui (Michal K): -6
  4. Brent (Roma): -10

That was hell of the game! Incredibly close & with such twists of fortunes I have rarely seen. Great kudos go to Michal G who managed to rebuild Arverni and inflict disastrous losses on Romans – I do not remember when I saw last time Caesar losing 6 of his Legions in one attack. Mark timed his actions well, getting super capabilities and snatching the victory for Belgae in last move. My Aedui, without support of Rome, were not a real threat to contenders.

Fantastic game with fantastic players – great thanks to Brent, Mark and Michal for the game!