This Friday I had a pleasure to play – and present – Falling Sky to two new players – Andrzej and Bartek. We were also accompanied by veteran player – Konrad.

The idea was to play 54BC scenario – not necessarily till the end of game but enough to teach new adepts the COIN mechanics and get the flavor of the game. The goal was achieved and we had a lot of fun!

Set-up and first developments:

So we decided that I will take Romans as they are hardest to play. Andrzej really wanted to test Vercingetorix while Bartek (also known as Kaszpir) received furious Belgae. Konrad again lead Aedui – and immediately you were able to see that he knows how to play them – at some point they controlled 4 regions, threatening even Arverni.

The set-up
So many resources for Aedui…
Germans in Sequani
Aedui in Arveni

And now first two winters:

First two years of game (click to enlarge)

1 – As said, Aedui (Konrad) were very successful in first year – mainly to multiple Commands+Special and double suborn…

2 – Belgae (Bartek) were gradually building up forces but also used opportunity to teleport themselves to western Gaul.

3 – Romans (Michal) dispersed Britain and Carnutes regions, built 3 allies in Belgica and then recruited tons of auxiliary in Provincia. That was slow but steady build up.

4a – Arverni (Andrzej) first retook Carnutes (once disperse markers were removed)

4b – And then did a run through all Aedui provinces, wiping out most of their war bands and Allies

And the status after 3rd winter:

Status at the end of our session (click to enlarge)

5 – things started to get complicated for Aedui in their home lands so they moved to Germania!

6 (should be 6 but there is 3 on picture 😦 ) – Romans initiated search for new places to disperse as well as to get supply line to Belgica. However…

7 – … in the process they were devastated by Arverni. Unfortunately, the latter did not survive Roman counter-attack and all units plus leader were dead.

8 – The sneaky Belgae took opportunity and wiped out Romans from Belgica completely. That was painful.


This was good session – we played around 35 cards / three winters which is good result for training campaign. Definitely, the plan is to test the game again with some shorter – but more tense and packed from the start scenario. And then the expansion – Ariovistus!