The Game

Blood Rage proved to be a very successful Kickstarter campaign – maybe thanks to miniatures used or the some of the proven mechanic of its predecessor – Midgard. Nevertheless, it occupies very high place on Boardgamegeek now.


In this game each player controls their own Viking clan, warriors, leader, and ship. What is interesting, the Ragnarök has come, and it’s the end of the world – really, and epic scenario for a wargame! So it is also last chance for Vikings to go down in a blaze of glory and secure their place in Valhalla. What you can do? Invade and pillage land for rewards, crush your opponents in epic battles, fulfill quests, increase your clan’s stats, or even die gloriously either in battle or from Ragnarök. All this grants glory points which in the end will decide who the winner is.

Sounds like a fun – let us then check it!

The play

So we played in following set-up:

  • Kuba G – Wolf clan (blue)
  • Kuba J – Bear clan (brown)
  • Konrad – Raven clan (gold) 
  • Michal – Serpent clan (red)
My warriors ready to enter the battle or Valhalla – whatever comes first!
I was leading the Serpent clan so it was only obvious I hired a Serpent as a mercenary! He rally helped me to secure the two provinces for the rest of the game.
After Age One – two regions already destroyed by the end of the world, our foothold on the map established and pretty low VP scores so far.
Here comes the Age Two – there were a lot of fighting and Valhalla is full. My Serpents stands and another region is obliterated by Ragnarök.
That was a very exciting finish of our game. The cards and possibilities to gain VPs are really growing from Age to age and

The final scores were:

  1. Kuba J – Bear clan (brown) – 125
  2. Michal – Serpent clan (red) – 118
  3. Konrad – Raven clan (gold) – 110
  4. Kuba G – Wolf clan (blue) – 77

Unfortunately, we were not very kind to the owner and our host 😦


Blood Rage proved to be a very good and successful re-implementation of Midgard game. The mechanics are straightforward, battles quick and effective, the replayability of the game quite high and the quality of the miniatures very satisfactory. I especially like the mechanics where even fallen troops can bring you glory and points! We spent very exciting evening and will for sure come back in the future to that title!