We played the No Retreat Barbarossa scenario already twice – with marginal German loss in initial attempt and then a decisive Wehrmacht defeat (despite occupied Moscow) in the second of our games. So we decided to move on, and now we have chosen Fall Blau as our next play-through. My opponent will be Konrad leading the German onslaught while I will command the defending Red Army.

Would Germans finally manage to win in that neat, only 4-turns engagement? Let us see in below photo report!

Legend to the pictures:

  • blue, solid line – front line at the beginning of the turn
  • blue, dashed line – German gains during the turn
  • red, dashed line – Soviet gains during the turn
  • arrows (blue and red) – respectively, Wehrmacht and Red Army directions of attack
Before turn 7 (Click on picture to enlarge in the new window)

TURN 7 (May-Jun 1942), dry weather

Main actions of Turn 7: steady advance of the German forces in the South but also a surprising Red Army offensive in the North! One of the main gains of the turn for Germans was Sevastopol. (Click on picture to enlarge in the new window)
A close-up on the far north – Red Army forces are surprisingly strong here and manage to push the enemy far away!

TURN 8 (Jul-Aug 1942), dry weather

Main actions of Turn 8: As per Fall Blau plan, the German advance in the South continues – my forces are desperately trying to stop Panzer Divisions – all in vain. But a potential trouble for the unstoppable Wehrmacht is brewing in the center… (Click on picture to enlarge in the new window)
That potential problem is a build-up of Soviet forces which are starting to smash German allies. And it for sure will continue…

TURN 9 (Sep-Oct 1942), dry weather

Main actions of Turn 9: What a turn! First of All, Wehrmacht does a tremendous effort in the south, taking Stalingrad but falling short of Astrakhan and Oil Fields. In the center the Soviet counter-offensive starts! (Click on picture to enlarge in the new window)
A concentrated German attack – despite very strong defense, the Stalingrad falls… moment of glory for Konrad!
On the other hand, the flanks of progressing German Divisions are not so well protected and are perfect target for strong Red Army forces.

TURN 10 (Nov-Dec 1942), snow weather

Main actions of Turn 10: The dance of death continues. Germans – despite the Winter – made progress in the South but the Soviet counter-offensive is close to cut the supply lines for General Paulus forces! At this moment in time scenarios stops end. (Click on picture to enlarge in the new window)
Close up on German attacks in last turn.
And now, a close-up on Soviet counter-offensive in last turn.


A short but exciting scenario, in which – a-historically – Stalingrad has fallen. Still, the Germans did not manage to accumulate enough victory points to win the game. The buildup of Russian forces and there counter-attack could potentially be deadly for the Wehrmacht. Anyhow, we really enjoyed the game and will definitely continue with the No Retreat!