When your good boardgame colleague calls you and tells you that he has couple of evenings free – due to the rest of family spending vacations outside town – you do not hesitate and are willing to help friend in a need! So it happened last week – the friend in question was Jakub and we decided to play couple of position we usually do not have time or players willing to play. I joined Wednesday session where Runewars was a main topic. What follows below is a photo-session report from our game – enjoy!

RuneWarsa_ (03)
There were four of us – three veterans of Runewars and Kuba J who played first time (click on the picture to enlarge in a new window)
RuneWarsa_ (03a)
I got the Undead – somehow this is my favorite faction and I think I always play them 🙂
RuneWarsa_ (04)
The time has come – we start the game. Whole world stays open before my legion of Undead!
RuneWarsa_ (05)
After couple of seasons all armies made progress inland – while my area was almost barren as far as runes are concerned, I had easy access to two towns
RuneWarsa_ (06)
The situation mid-game – almost all neutral areas are claimed and now the real fun will start (click on the picture to enlarge in a new window)
RuneWarsa_ (07)
Here comes the fun – Konrad attacking a Dragon
RuneWarsa_ (08)
He escapes but the rune is claimed!
RuneWarsa_ (09)
Above one of three duels which Konrad (Orcs) and Kuba J (Elfs) heroes conducted; that was really epic – both were close to death (one hit) but need three fights to find the victor (Konrad)
RuneWarsa_ (10)
Due to time constraints, we agreed third year will be the final year – so let us attack! This time my Undead attacked Human (Kuba G) and not only won but also burned the city to the ground!
RuneWarsa_ (11)
In the corner Kuba J takes over some powerful neutral creatures – they will be needed in his fight with Orcs!
RuneWarsa_ (12)
My previous turn move not only burned the city but also created Citadel – it is swiftly conquered by Human counter-attack but here comes another surprise – scorched earth blows the keep!
RuneWarsa_ (13)
Then we have the largest battle of the game! Orcs supported by neutral legions focus on Elfs. Teh latter one really do not stand a chance with such overwhelming force!
RuneWarsa_ (14)
Final situation after 3 years (click on the picture to enlarge in a new window)

That was really nice evening with Runewars – due to the fact it was mid-week, we played only 3 out of 7 years of game. Of course, last year – when we agreed we will play no more – was more open and risky knowing that this is last moment of our session. As it occurred, Human and Orc faction finished with 4 runes while my Undead and Elf races with zero. Still, it was really nice to meet in group of fellow boardgamers and spend the time together!