Once you spent decent amount of time with Commands Colors Ancients scenarios – and by decent amount I mean having all official scenarios accounted for already – you start to look for new experiences and new modes of play. Fortunately, the base of CCA players is so broad and system so popular that we have additional systems allowing for a refreshed experience with that wonderful game. Two of such I will describe today.

“Point Buy System”

First system allows you to draw one of eighteen ancient armies. As a core of your forces you have couple of base units – according to specific of the nation. Each unit is valued in points, and as a second step each player – in secret – buys additional forces for 30, 60 or 90 points. On top of this we have special way to create terrain for the battle and everything is ready to go. End-game victory is achieved by killing all enemy leaders or at least 50% of opponent army. More on the system on CommandsColors webstie, here. Easy, fast and very re-playable – let us see how it worked out in practice!

In our first play I draw Sparta and Marcin was lucky to get Classical Greece – pretty historical set-up!

Our armies

What we got and what we bought is depicted on below picture – as well as the disposition of forces. I would like to draw your attention to limited amount of light units I purchased which had adverse effects on my army ability to fight (yes, heavies/medium without screen are really vulnerable!):

Initial set-up (click on picture to open in a new window)

As mentioned, the way to win is to kill all leaders or 50% of enemy army. What does that mean? That amount of banners to be achieved by both sides in order to claim victory can be different! And so it was in our example – Marcin had so many light units that I needed 7 VPs while he only 6 VPs! Unfortunately, his tactic proved to be better and in the end Greeks prevailed:

That was close game (click on picture to open in a new window)

In our second game we draw Roman armies – Imperial one for me and republican for Marcin. Sounds almost like the civil war clashes between Caesar and Pompey 😊

Our armies in second game

Fratricidal battle ensued and the result was very balanced in the beginning:

Interesting set-up of two balanced armies (click on picture to open in a new window)

Learning by mistakes, I invested part of funds into the light units and that really payed off – I managed to inflict serious causalities on enemy in range combat before both lines clashed:

Rome will become and empire (click on picture to open in a new window)

Thanks to this tactic and well prepared final assault of heavies I managed to prevail!

“Scenario X system”

We were very excited about the first new system and decided to try another. This time Scenario X! Here we have 80 (!) pre-defined armies with minimal variations – for example, in 16-units force you can decide to switch one cavalry for one infantry. There is always attacker and defender, and the terrain is related closely to home land of defending unit. There is quasi-historical assignment of armies – so one player draw his forces, and his opponent has a choice of only actual, historical enemies of that nation. Pretty comprehensive and cool system. More on it on CommandsColors webstie, here.

So, we started and I again draw Sparta. Marcin thus got one of more or less historical enemies of that nation – Pyrrhic army.

Set-up in third scenario (click on picture to open in a new window)

I had a chance to set-up a river and really mess with my opponent’s lines. Marcin risked by placing most of his army on left wing – which actually back-fired as he had no cards to activate that section for most of the game… I took advantage of that set-up, used light units to soften-up Pyrrhus and in the result – achieved victory:

Decisive Spartan victory (click on picture to open in a new window)


Both systems are pretty different but at the same time are giving a lot of fun and fresh approach to CCA battles. Sometimes those engagements tend to be chaotic but in general we have decent balance and some suspense, as you really do not know what opponent will buy / how will he deploy. I think we will play in that way more in the future!