Well, you may ask what kind of countdown? My ambition since I started to play CCA 4.5 years ago was to play all “official” scenarios – in total, 177. How do I define “official”? Well, let us count:

  • Base Game – 15
  • Exp 1 – 21
  • Exp 2 – 23
  • Exp 3 – 19 (no epics counted)
  • Exp 4 – 24
  • Exp 6 – 26
  • EPIC scenarios – 22
  • Bonus Pack – Trucless War – 5
  • Bonus Pack – Greeks (Pydna, Cronium, Indus.) – 3
  • C3i magazine scenarios (no epics counted) – 16
  • Vae Victis – 3

Last months was exactly the final leap to get the missing ones played. I have like three regular player I can play face-to-face with, but a big chunk of all my plays was of course on Vassal – and the last scenario set-up was pretty crazy as we had colleagues from Canada (Kris), me, my Brother (Matthew) and Martin (with whom I played most so far) -siting at my house. To get such a team to play, we of course used Vassal.

The last scenario for me to play was infamous “Lake Trasimenus 217” in EPIC format. Infamous, because as most of readers probably remember, that was very vivid example of Rome generals incompetence, pride, stubbornest and complete lack of tactical talent. It was even more apparent in face of such genial general as Hannibal. Enough to say, from the whole army only part of vanguard managed to save themselves.

In our game Martin was overall commander of Carthaginians with Matthew as subordinate on the left. I was an overall commander of Romans, with Kris on my right. For both field generals it was first CCA game, so we faced them with each other – that was fun to watch their struggle, turns and twists of fortune:

Lake Traseminus 1.png
Click on picture to enlarge – initial set-up

As for the battle itself, it was much more even than in the history. I really like to play the side which is weaker – then I am free to attack and even if this does not go well, nobody complains. But such bravery sometimes pays off… Let me describe main actions of our game – also depicted below:

  1. While Carthaginians regroup and prepare to strike in center / left I attack their right, having lucky rolls and killing quickly LI and 2 x LC. Lucky beginning for Rome – however, the pressure here from Roman side will be continuous.
  2. On Roman right / Carthage left we witness very bloody and bitter fight between Kris and Matthew – truly, lost by Romans only in last turn, but with heavy Punic loses.
  3. Center is definitely where Carthage has advantage, and actually manages to grab some victory points.

In the end, after hard fight, Punic army wins 11-9:

Lake Traseminus 2.png
Click on picture to enlarge – final situation

So it took me 4.5 years, 234 weeks, 466 games in total (a lot of scenarios I played more than once) to get where I wanted to be – 177 official scenarios played.

Will I now stop to play CCA? Never! This is definitely my favorite game. Maybe my gaming schedule will be less intense with CCA, but for sure I will take part in Mini- and Open Tournaments – by the way, if you have not signed for OT 2018 surely you should do it HERE.

Last but not least, I am eagerly waiting for C&C Medieval – I really hope to see it this summer! As well as tons of expansions which I really count on!

PS. If you would like to read other session reports from my blog in English, just click on following link or choose category: In English