Recently I am more an more interested and involved in the games for children (guess why? 🙂 ) While looking for positions in that area I encountered one small, neat and interesting game which – while allows for good and interesting play – also teaches – Jabuka:

As designer writes:

Spill the beans with JABUKA, it’s totally twisted fun! Get off your devices and digitally detox with this unique, twistable alphabet word game where you race to make and take words in ways you've never seen! This tactile, light and portable game, with no board, features a natural mini burlap sack, 100% recycled wood - coffee bean shaped pieces with letters that magically morph into other letters with a simple twist. Jabuka is a fast paced, surprise filled, total brain workout with simultaneous game play that forces you to think out of the box to keep the words brewing. Unanimous and suspenseful flips of face down beans give everyone a chance to win until the last beans are flipped and the player who uses the most beans WINS!
The Jabuka

Indeed, the game is not only nicely produced, has pretty straightforward rules but also can be used in most Latin-based languages – I am going to test this game not only in English but also in Polish!

The actual components look as good as on demo photos

When you consider that the game is the debut for company and designer, it is even more worthwhile to underline that it indeed won some awards already in category for Children Games:


For all interested you can find more information about game on Jabuka Games webpage. And rest assured I will test the game thoroughly with my family!