So ROOT is really hitting our table more and more. Once we started to play this great game, it is hard to stop. As one of my favorite game designers said – Mark Herman – whether the game is played or not to large extent depends on theme but also on the length of the game. ROOT excels in both so I imagine you will see much more reports from me – soon also from expansion! So let us have a look what was happening last weekend.

Training game

The idea was to play a four-player game, with two new guys (Marcin and Lukasz) plus me and Dominik – maybe not a seasoned ROOT fans, but with some experience. As we were waiting for Dominik, I suggested Marcin and Lukasz to have a quick scenario:

“Classical” 2-player scenario in ROOT – Marquise vs Eyrie

Marcin took Marquise and Lukasz Eyrie and the game begun. Both players, while learning, surprised me with some interesting and unconventional moves. Unfortunately for Lukasz, with Birds you really need to plan from the beginning and untimely collapse of his kingdom lead to Marcin’s victory. But that was just the beginning!

Main game

“Full” 4-player game is a real fun!

A short written summary and then pictures!

Lukasz (Eyrie) – he really did not have luck to cards and two unfortunately collapses reduced huge amounts of Birds points. Constant fight with Marquise was not helping while Alliance and Vagabond keep the distance from attacking Lukasz (we needed counter-balance for cats).

Marcin (Marquise) – he had very good beginning – mainly due to Alliance being hindered by my Crossbow as well as my aid. Thus focusing on Eyrie and gaining many points. In the end “stabbed in the back” by alliance almost lost the keep.

Dominik (Alliance) – here was a really hard start. I had to focus my vagabond and his attack skills on somebody, so I have chosen Alliance. It gave me a lot of points and also for many rounds hindered Dominik.

Me (Vagabond) – I was playing with Arbiter and I liked it very much. This is most aggressive character and it suited my way of playing. In the end I had many exhausted and damaged items – well, they saw I am approaching the 30 VPs – but fortunately managed to keep the lead.

And now some pictures!

Dominik finally establishes base of operations in south-east corner.
The Birds vs Cats fight has many dimensions and fronts…
What a surprise from Cats! You Birds hoped for an easy VP and place to build?
Brave rebels raid the Keep clearing! Two Sawmills are burned but the center from which “forest oppression” is spreading stays intact!
Even bolder move by partisans, rebelling in Mouse clearing.

And how did it look from the strategic perspective? Have a look below:

The board at the end of the game

That was fun, that was quick and intense! We will continue for sure – hopefully also with expansion!