Yes, it is time to vote! The yearly BoardGameGeek award for best boardgames is open!



  • Select the appropriate category button at the top of the page.
  • Rank the games by clicking on the box and selecting the rank.
  • Duplicate rankings are OK if you think the items are equivalent.
  • Change a rank to N/A if you have no opinion on a game.
  • 1 is Best.

Your votes are recorded immediately and may be changed up until the time voting closes. 
The final voting will resolved using the Schulze method

You may find all the details here:

And now, as for my types – at least in most interesting categories..


BoardGame of the Year

Probably always the toughest choice – all types and categories of games mixed here. Still, my appetite for more complex and innovative games was here clear so Root and Brass:Birmingham are definitely the ones I am voting for.

2-Player Game

Hannibal Hamilcar CoverOf all proposed games the “no-brainier for me was Hannibal & Hamilcar – a true wargame among other, not-so-competitive titles. That is also one of my favorite games from components quality perspective, replayability and thematic aspects – I often come back to this, even after longer periods of not-playing.

Strategy Game

I had some thinking what should be my top here and again I have chosen Root but also Teotihuacan. There were not such fundamental games in last year for me like Through The Ages, Agricola or Dominant Species but still we had chance to see interesting titles. Voted!

Thematic Game

IMG_4762Here I really had no other choice – Root, Root and once again – Root! The game is so thematic, innovative and different! On the other hand – also pretty deceptive as “cartoon-like” graphics may misled you to thinking it is game for children. No way – it is a real, brutal fight for survival in the forest! What is even better is that expansion allows for 6 players plus playing against bot!


cataclysmMy favorite category with lots of titles I played – I think actually that here I have largest % of games played from all nominees. My top three will be Hannibal & Hamilcar (again), Cataclysm (but here I would like to see updated living rules to give position 1) and innovative Pavlov’s House. I played also other games from list but those three made the biggest impression on me – Hannibal for perfect new edition of 20-year-old classic (plus add on – Hamilcar!), cataclysm for fantastic sandbox game, and Pvlov’s House – for showing, that there is still possibility to do new, interesting games about Stalingrad battle.

And what did you vote for?