Eclipse is one of our favorite S-F / Space related games. It is relatively short, deep, gives a lot of opportunities for different strategies and allows for various winning strategies. We also play Twilight Imperium (see here: [ENG] Twilight Imperium 4th edition – an AAR and [ENG] Twilight Imperium 4th Edition – for the second time), however that game requires much more time.

During our New Year boardgames mini-convention (well, there was about 15 adults playing boardgames and having fun!) we also had possibility to play Eclipse and had a really good time. Below short after action report in a form of pictures gallery. Enjoy!

We start the game. Initial 2 rounds see fast expansion of Planta (Lukasz), and Draco (Mine) while Magellan (Andrzej) and Mechanema (Kuba) try to catch-up (click to enlarge)
Things are getting tense. I take over another 4 regions, Kuba is getting close to center as do I. Do you so what Planta is doing? We forgot about him completely… Andrzej has very, very bad draws and hard start…. (click to enlarge)
This is called “pre-emptive strike”. Kuba attacks Andrzej, and thanks to superb technologies, wipes out the enemy fleet (click to enlarge)
Tension is maximal. I build my fleet, Kuba takes over center, and Plant, ach, Planta does whatever he wants… (click to enlarge)
The build up of forces results in clash in the center. I will lose 6 ships, Kuba will lose 3 and win battle (click to enlarge)
In the end, Andrzej who plays first finishes on fourth place. Me and Kuba are very close matched and near the center. And Lukasz and his Planta score enormous 57 points and wins! (click to enlarge)