Welcome to the May monthly update about new storage solutions available on Cube4Me. As always we present new solutions, which are tailor-made for each game, allow the box to close and sort / store components nicely.

Actually, this month we can share a great news – thanks to continuous efforts of Marcin from Cube4Me, new sleeve-friendly card trays are now in stock! And what would be a better way to celebrate the new offering if not with a SALE? Just use the TrayFrenzy code to get 10% discount on all the products. Do not miss it!

Here you can find all the wargaming tray sets (shipment world-wide!):

New features on the webpage

Just a reminder, that with rapidly growing number of the available tailor-made storage sets there was a need to better browse through available content. Thus additional way to navigate was added – by section NEW & Noteworthy:

Thanks to this approach, you can easily see what were the latest added storage solutions sets, divided into month (couple of last will be visible). For example, you can directly jump to al the new releases from May by one click:

And now let us jump to details of some of the newly added products!

The Hunted, Beneath the Med & PQ-17

All the lovers and fans of marine-themed wargames should be thrilled. A total of three titles were recently added – The Hunted: Twilight of the U-Boats, 1943-45, Beneath the Med: Regia Marina at Sea 1940-1943 & PQ-17: Arctic Naval Operations 1941-1943 – to the collection of storage solutions. The sets allow you to sort nicely and elegantly all game components – especially for counter-intense PQ-17 – as well as cards. You can find more details here:

Churchill, Big There Struggle for Peace

Finally, the last, missing set for Great Statements series is here – of course I mean Mark’s Herman masterpiece, Churchill, Big There Struggle for Peace. You get proper, tailor made solution for all the counters, tokens, cards and optional elements. Hopefully it will serve you well!

All storage solutions for Great Statements series:

Judean Hammer, Guerilla Warfare during the Maccabean Revolt

Sometimes you do not need a very sophisticated or elaborate storage solutions for a particular title. Small, elegant sets are also very helpful and made the playing more enjoyable; this is exactly the case with Judean Hammer, Guerilla Warfare during the Maccabean Revolt. Three small boxes (new additional to Cube4Me offering) allow for all components and cards to be nicely sorted out. Enjoy!

More details here:

Napoléon 1806

Even in cases where the game has a pre-produced molder – like in above case of Napoleon 1806 – you can optimize the way the components – and especially cards – are stored. We experimented with Shakos product and are very proud with final effect. It easily fits the box, sorts components appropriately

More details here:

Labyrinth: The Awakening, 2010 – ? & The Forever War, 2015 – ?

Another small set, this time one which tackles the Labyrinth expansions; I love how the designer, Volko Ruhnke, using the new card sets, created completely new experience for this fantastic title. Here, you are just getting the card holders for those new sets which you can combine with the Base Game (make sure to use 3″ box!)

More here:

1960: The Making of President

I will admit – I am ardent fan of Jason Matthews creations; all the games based on Twilight Struggle concept immediately grab my attention; the same was with 1960: The Making of President. Today a tailored storage-solution is being added to Cube4Me catalogue; the card trays are a must, as for the components holder – you may choose what is bets option. The good thing – as always – is that you can get only part of the storage solution and you are not forced to immediately get the whole set. Enjoy!

More details here:


The Wargames Storage Solutions catalogue is growing rapidly; but these are not only new titles which are being added, but also new, upgraded product like new sleeve-friendly card trays. The feedback loop from the players is fantastic and allows for a constant improvement. I hope and wish for even more new and exciting ideas from CCube4Me. Let us stay tuned!