Welcome to another monthly update about new storage solutions available on Cube4Me. Actually, in this article I will also share some new features on the page but of course, the heart of this blog entry will focus on tailor-made, box-fitting trays for our beloved wargames! So, without further delay, let us see the update!

By the way, as always here you can find all the wargaming tray sets (shipment world-wide!):

New features on the webpage

With rapidly growing number of the available storage sets – which long time ago outstripped the core, 18XX games 🙂 – there was a need to better navigate through available content. Some time ago within Wargaming Sets Cube4Me added sections for particular publishers. That really helped to narrow-down searches and better group the titles.

Now, based on my inspiration and suggestion (yup!), additional way to navigate was added – by section NEW & Noteworthy:

Thanks to this approach, you can easily see what were the latest added storage solutions sets, divided into month (couple of last will be visible). With that the navigating through the page is easier than ever! For example, you can directly jump to al the new releases from April by one click:

Now, let see of latest titles in details!

Twilight Struggle Red Sea

The latest addition to the world of Twilight Struggle – Red Sea: Conflict in the Horn of Africa – is an introductory position to the main title, being much smaller in scale – geographically but also from time perspective. Author – Jason Matthews – created very interesting historical background article, connecting the actual events and game mechanics. That can be found in latest C3i magazine.

The set here is pretty minimalistic, just 4 card holders to gather all elements – and as such, can be used in main Twilight Struggle box. Hope you will find is useful!

You can find more details here:


Fields of Fire and Fields of Fire 2 – new & improved!

Something I am most proud of this month are the new (Fields of Fire) and improved (Fields of Fire 2) sets for those fantastic solitaire games. The proposed solution allows for all components – cards, counters, rulebooks, etc. – to fit perfectly within the box. Period. That took a lot of effort to build this but now I can proudly announce that even in small, 2 inch box, you will be able to store both games nicely!

Information for owners of the initial Fields of Fire 2 storage set – what you need to add, is set of 9 card holders, which will take care of all cards and part of the tokens. You can check all the details – how the content is distributed between trays – below.


1989: Dawn of Freedom

While not especially counter-intense, 1989: Dawn of Freedom would benefit from the card trays and optionally – regular deep tray to sort the influence and other counters. It fits perfectly into the box, and you can choose whether to get whole set or only its parts.

More details here:

1944: Race to the Rhine

With the Race to the Rhine Phalanx created a pretty interesting game on logistics – if you have not played, definitely give it a look. Above set allows you to sort the components, store the cards and also create player-specific starting sets.

More details here:

Warriors of Japan: A Country Aflame 1335-1339

Even small, zip-lock games, can benefit from modest but elegant & functional storage solution. In this case we talk about MMP’s Warriors of Japan title – pretty cool take on medieval Japan. If you have not played, definitely give it a try!

More details here:

Commands Colors Napoleonics – Base Game & Expansions

I left it for the end of the article to finish with blast! Something which was a huge discovery for me as far as Cube4Me storage trays are concerned, was fact, that they are perfect for block games! Commands Colors Ancients set is one among most popular – and valued – from all available. So it was only matter of time before another huge system installment – Napoleonics – get its own solution.

As you can see below, this is pretty comprehensive set of solutions, for almost all expansions as well as base game. Of course, you can get all of them in one shot, saving some bucks in the process!

More here:


After 10 month of collaboration with Cube4Me I am simply proud how the idea is growing. With this regular monthly newsletter as well as new releases added regularly, I am confident that our wargaming hobby is getting a lot from those storage solutions. Can’t wait to see more of them!