I will not deny, I am have a great time playing Inferno – third installment in Levy & Campaign series. This game is great both for Solitaire and multiplayer sessions; as each every title from that series, is astonishingly beautiful – and I mean this in all aspects like map, cards, cubes or counters. Not to mention great Rulebook and Backgroundbook.

Having such great experiences I thought I will share some of the knowledge I managed to gain during those sessions. Maybe that will be helpful for you in your first sessions in Levy & Campaign word? Hopefully so! Enjoy!

PS. If you are wondering how to pack all those card decks, tokens, markers and components, check the below great storage solution: https://cube4me.com/product/inferno-guelphs-and-ghibellines-vie-for-tuscany-1259-1261/ Enjoy!