I am glad to share my monthly update about new storage solutions available on Cune4Me. First and foremost, the collection of tailor-made sets, which allow to store, sort and safely transport games – at the same time allowing lid to close – is constantly growing. We are getting new title from all the genres as well as from variety of publishers. From what I heard April will be even more exciting as at least 12-15 new title will be added. Fingers crossed!

Here you can find all the wargaming tray sets (shipment world-wide!):

And now let us jump to details of newly added products!

COIN Cuba Libre by GMT Games

Let us be honest – we love COIN games and we want them to be treated appropriately 🙂 A small, neat, fitting storage solution – to sort and safely transport cubes as well las trays for cards – all in elegant form – is exactly what we are getting here. Feel free to click through the above slideshow and check it out. Of course the game itself is immensely beautiful which makes the effect even more astonishing.

You can find more details here:


Levy & Campaign Inferno

Another beauty (ah, I love the appearance of those Levy & Campaign games) and another great set. Here the challenge was bigger as there are many more components than in COIN series. Much more various cards, elements, forces. Still, above set allows for nice sorting of them all and what is most important, fits neatly into the box. And the final effect is a true artistic mastery.

You can find more details here:


Charioteer by GMT Games

Yet one more game by Matt Calkins, designer of Sekigahara. You really can see that those games are being developed out of the love for our hobby and they are very well thought-through. Here, we are getting a huge box full of various components; at least part of them needs a proper sorting and placement in the box for easy access during the game. That is exactly what was prepared here – for cards, for starter sets, for damage tokens.

More details here:

Paths of Glory by GMT Games

A great classic gets very nicely fitting storage set. It was not helping that the box is only 2 inch, which made design of solution somehow problematic. Still, in the end all the counters are nicely sorted, easy to use for the play, while cards are split into six trays, by side (Allies / Central Powers) and part of the war (Mobilization / Limited War / Total War). That fits almost perfectly in the box and as always, is pretty elegant and functional.

More details here:

Memoir’44 + expansions from Days of Wonder

You might be surprised, seeing this title getting a storage solution based on trays and card holders. Still, when it was tested, the miniatures were surprisingly well fitting into the trays and of course card holders proved to be perfectly fitting too. That set-up allows all those counters, miniatures, markers, cards to be nicely stored and easily accessible during the play. What is more, it was done for base game and 3 expansions. Just have a look at above pictures or below links:

More here:


It is heartwarming to see how that cooperation between Poland based blogger (me) and entrepreneur (Marcin, who runs Cub4Me) develops. We take a lot of pride, being able to add to our hobby in that way – and have great satisfaction hearing overwhelmingly positive feedbacks. More to come!