Another month and another bunch of news from the RailsOnBoards. First and foremost there is many more tailor made sets for wargames – in below article I am presenting the eleven such for some most prominent and known titles like Twilight Struggle or Commands & Colors.

Secondly, for the first time the sets were prepared for block games – and proved to be a perfect solution to sort that type of components. I was a little hesitant but the tests went beautifully here so we are proud to have trays for Ancients, Medieval and Samurai Battles – Commands and Colors fans rejoice!

Thirdly, something we all were waiting for. The card trays are back in stock!

Those small, very elegant containers are perfect for all the standard cards sizes. You can add them as option to your set – or simply order separately. There is a 20% discount for them till the end of month. Do not miss it!

Here you can find all the wargaming tray sets:

And now let us jump to details of newly added products!

Commands & Colors: Ancients, Medieval, Samurai Battles

Who does not know or at least heard of that very popular wargames series? Commands Colors is probably one of the most recognizable blocks games created to this day – and still, my most played title ever. The esthetical appeal of the components, quick gameplay (1 hour for regular scenarios), depth of tactical decisions and countless number of scenarios makes games from this genre so great.

I admit – I was a bit skeptical initially when designing the tray storage solution for block game. But it worked perfectly well – the blocks fits nicely, you can save a lot of space and time for setting up the battles! Just look at the above pictures or follow below links to check details:

One more comment – C&C Ancients have trays for all expansions, but if you want to save, you can get an “All in One” set:

GBoH: Julius Caesar

I said it already but I will repeat myself: there are games where counter trays are a mere assistance in sorting out components. And there are such like GBoH (Great Battles of History) series, where they are a must. Really, it is hard to imagine sorting out all those legions – in case of Julius Caesar from two sides and couple of campaigns! – barbarians, miscellaneous tokens, etc. without proper solution. And to do it in a way which allows the box to close nicely!

More details here:

Here I Stand

I love that game. Pity I am not able to bring this to the table as often as I would love to. This epic confrontation of six, asymmetric factions allows you to immerse yourself into the XVIth century European political & religious struggles. The set which I propose allows to sort numerous tokens – both for each faction, for independent forces as well as marker tokens. Hope you will like it!

More details here:

Twilight Struggle

A true classic from fantastic duo of Ananda Gupta and Jason Mathews gets proper treatment with custom-designed set of trays for US, USSR and miscellaneous counters. Just like in case of Imperial Struggle, everything fits perfectly into the box and allow for easy access to all components – especially when looking for those high value influence chits 🙂

More details here:

Enemy Action Kharkov

I love John Butterfield creations and try to get all titles he publishes. Enemy Action series was no other. The proper, tailor-made set for this hex & counters game really help to sort all Soviet and German forces, per army / front and entry turn. Hope you will find it useful as I did!

More here:


I find Warfighter as one of the best tactical wargames, depicting low level squad combat. Possibility to play solo or in team, replayability and variety of missions, those critical moments when your favorite hear becomes casualty – you know it. Still, there is a lot of components and cards in the game and finding the storage solution was a real challenge here. As you can see on above picture, we succeeded pretty nicely – the rather shallow box is almost fully closed, with about 4-5 mm left at the bottom. Hope this solution will make your Warfighter experience even better!

More details here:


It is very encouraging to see that the catalog of wargames with tailored counters sets is gradually growing. Personally, this is very important for me to create products which are checked to fit the box and allow its nice closure, at the same time having them nicely sorted.

Hope you will find them useful and spread the word / recommend!