Mini-Scenario #1, Cornered

In two months the Graf Spee sank 50,000 tons of British shipping in the South Atlantic, bagging nine merchant ships. The Exeter’s cruiser squadron had finally cornered the raider in the estuary of the River Plate, just after dawn.

Outnumbered, the Graf Spee opened the battle with her heavy guns, answered by the Exeter’s 8 inch guns. While the Exeter took a beating, outgunned and now crippled, the light cruisers charged in with torpedoes. That sent the Graf Spee running as she escaped to the safety of Montevideo Harbor.

That is how the events went historically. And how was it on board? Enjoy below short session report which also covers rules explanation. The movie was divided into sections so you can easily navigate between points of interest. Enjoy!

Mini-Scenario #2 – Escape

The Graf Spee was not authorized by the Uruguay government to remain in harbor. Faced with internment and risking betrayal (British diplomats demanded the Uruguayans intern the German ship), Captain Langsdorf faced an impossible situation, and ordered his ship scuttled. Detonations sent the Graf Spee down before this battle could happen. In this alternate history mini-scenario, however, Langsdorf has second thoughts. At dawn, he gives the order to sortie into the estuary and dash for open water…and home. British cruisers are waiting nearby, and just getting through the estuary will require a battle.

Let us see if there was any chance for Graf Spee to escape! Enjoy second Video in this mini-series!